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Denver Broncos Week 5 Power Rankings: Around the web

The Broncos are coming off their early week four bye, so lets see how them not playing has changed their power rankings standings.

Justin Edmonds

Our weekly look around the web for how the Broncos rank in NFL Power Rankings.


(Last week: 3)

With two weeks to prepare after a loss, Denver should be raring to go Sunday. Arizona's defense won't be much easier than Seattle's, but the Broncos will be home.

Thoughts: I think they're giving the Cardinals a bit too much credit there, but I don't disagree with this ranking. They have Seattle and Cinci listed ahead of us. The argument can be made that Denver should be two, but it is what it is. 5

(Last week: 6)

Holy cow -- another top-tier team coming off a week off. Yes, Week 4 was regrouping time for this squad, following a hard-fought OT loss in the craziest environment in pro football. Also an appropriate time to figure out how to get more out of the run game, which, like it or not, has not been as effective without Knowshon Moreno. Maybe Peyton Manning wasn't 100 percent responsible for every single one of Moreno's 1,038 rushing yards last year after all. Say it ain't so.

Thoughts: Last week Elliot Harrison(the guy who does these Power Rankings for thought the Broncos should fall all the way to 6 after their hard fought road loss to the Seattle Seahawks. I thought that was pretty dumb. Now this week he has them rising up a spot after not playing a game...?

SB Nation: 2

(Last week: 2)

The first set of byes hit this week and with the top four teams in our power rankings all idle, you may note an anticlimactic lack of dethroning, disgracing or otherwise exciting movement at the top. Don't fret though, because thanks to some upsets, crazy finishes and breakout performances, there were plenty of shakeups from the fifth spot to the last one.

Thoughts: I agree with this one the most thus far. My rankings would go 1. Seattle, 2. Denver and 3. Cinci and SBN got it right here for the most part. The Raiders are ranked 31, and they clearly should be 32nd.

CBSSports: 4

(Last Week: 5)

The offense hasn't been as explosive as a year ago, but the defense is better. The Cardinals are a stiff test for Peyton Manning.

Thoughts: Again the Broncos move up a spot despite being idle this week. Pete Prisco has the Bengals, Seahawks and Cardinals listed ahead of the Broncos. At least he has Oakland 32nd.

Fox Sports: 3

(Last Week: 3)

The offense has lost some big play explosion without Eric Decker and Knowshon Moreno, but replacements Emmanuel Sanders and Montee Ball have done well to move the chains. With the addition of DeMarcus Ware and a healthy Von Miller, the pass defense is a much-improved unit. The duo has combined for an impressive five sacks and 29 hurries through just three games.

Thoughts: They have the Broncos staying in third this week after being idle this week. Like most other sites they have Seattle and Cinci listed ahead of them. They also have the Raiders in 32nd.

Final Thoughts:

Outside of and CBS Sports rankings I'm not too opposed to these. As I said prior my top three would be Seattle, Denver and Cinci. The Bengals are undefeated so they're getting the nod over Denver(I don't really agree with this thinking).

The Broncos average power rankings is a solid 3.4. A win over the Cardinals should put Denver solidly in the second spot.

Go Broncos!