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Wes Welker wanted us to show you these Tough Season videos

"I've been working on my intangibles," Wes Welker says in the Tough Season season premiere. "Grit. Hustle. Thinking tall."

Perhaps, more accurately, Welker's publicist wanted us to show you these videos. But either way, a tweet mentioned @MileHighReport from a Broncos superstar's verified Twitter account. At the end of the day, we're still Broncos fans here at MHR, and despite being perfectly aware this was all just a shameless ploy for clicks, we couldn't help but get excited.

"Wes Welker talked to us!"

(Seriously. That was the staff chat room and email thread the other day.)

Anyway, it turns out Welker is co-starring in a bunch of these Fantasy Football-themed commercials/webisodes called Tough Season. They're sponsored by Lenovo and written/produced by The Onion Sports, and it's an interesting mix of content that is funny at times mixed with shameless laptop, erm, plugs. In addition to Welker, the vids co-star a handful of NFL household names including Andrew Luck, Alfred Morris, Matt Forte, and A.J. Green.

The video Welker pointed us to is the fifth episode and is below. Check out the Season 2 premiere above and the rest, should you so choose, at your leisure.

(Frankly, we think every-brand-ever should hire Broncos players as their sponsors, so if sharing these videos helps make that happen, we'll do it every time. No back sweat required.)