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Could the Oakland Raiders be heading to the NFC West?

This sure would shake some things up!

Richard Heathcote

There appears to be a three-team race between the Oakland Raiders, the San Diego Chargers and the St. Louis Rams to move to Los Angeles.

And the Raiders are trying to sweeten the deal, according to a report.

The NFL is interested in two teams moving to L.A., if possible, and while the Rams are reportedly not on-board with that scenario, the Chargers and Raiders both are.

But how would that work with NFL scheduling? It would be difficult to have two teams in the same Conference in the same city.

Jason Cole from Bleacher Report reports that he has heard from two NFL sources that Raiders owner Mark Davis is willing to move the Raiders to the NFC West so both the Chargers and Raiders could move to Los Angeles.

That also means a team from the NFC West would have to move to the AFC West, and the most logical choice for this move would be the defending Super Bowl Champs the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are a former AFC West team (they've swapped Conferences twice, in fact), so that would make the most sense in this scenario.

This move does make sense for both the Raiders and Charger franchises. Both teams really need new stadiums, and this move would give them both a brand new stadium to call home.

Cole approached the Raiders about this report but they did not respond to him.

Now, keep in mind this is still on shaky ground at this point. No stadium is currently being built in Los Angeles, and any franchise that moves to L.A. will want new digs sooner rather than later.

This is something to keep an eye on though. There will be plenty of more layers to this story in the coming months (and probably years).

And if it comes to fruition, and they get a deal done soon, perhaps Peyton Manning gets to renew this budding Broncos vs. Seahawks rivalry within the AFC West before he hangs them up. Since the Broncos are next scheduled to play the Seahawks in 2018 (in the regular season), that wouldn't be bad at all.