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Broncos vs. Jets - 5 Questions with Gang Green Nation

Good evening Broncos Country! Accomplished writer, poet, humanitarian, and all around good guy "Smackdad" from Gang Green Nation has graciously taken the time to answer these questions about tomorrow's matchup between his Jets and our Broncos.

Donald Miralle

1) Who has stood out as the very best Jets player so far this season?

The best player on the Jets this season has been Sheldon Richardson or Muhammad Wilkerson, it's pretty much a tossup.  Those two are beasts on the defensive line.  There really aren't any other Jets players that have stood out this year, at least not in a positive way.

2) Despite ranking in the top 13 in both passing and rushing defensive yards per play the Jets rank 23rd in points per play. How do you explain the discrepancy.

The Jets perennially score less than their offensive and defensive rankings would suggest.  The reason, in a word, is turnovers.  The Jets have had a turnover machine at QB for six years running, and they have gotten less and less effective defensively turning the ball over.  The result is a turnover deficit in recent years, and that will kill your scoring chances.  If the Jets could change just this, everything else remains the same, but the Jets get their turnover differential to even, they would be a playoff contender.

3) What is your favorite memory as a Jets fan?

For any Jets fan like me who is old enough to remember the January 1969 Super Bowl win, with Joe Namath jogging off the field, his index finger held high in triumph following the biggest upset in Super Bowl history, there can be only one favorite moment.  Everything else in Jets history pales in comparison.

4) Are Jets fans pleased with Eric Decker? How has he done as the #1 receiver thus far?

Jets fans are mixed about Decker.  While they recognize he is a big upgrade over the other Jets receivers, they are frustrated with his inability thus far to stay healthy.  He has been hobbled by hamstring problems for most of the year, and his absence has been keenly felt by a Jets team sorely lacking in weapons without Decker.   While some may say Decker isn't a "true" #1 receiver, he is clearly #1 on the Jets.  With him the Jets passing attack looks competent.  Without him it looks like the worst passing attack in the NFL.

5) What do the Jets have to do in order to win the game?

In order to win the game Sunday the Jets have to invite the Broncos entire team out for drinks Saturday night, slip every one of them roofies, and make sure they don't show up forSunday's game.  Failing that the prospects look bleak.  I suppose the Jets' pass rushers could all play their best game of the year in the same game.  If the Jets can somehow manage to bring major pressure against Manning all game they might be able to force some turnovers.  Easier said than done of course, nobody really gets to Manning, but it's the best I've got.  If the Jets get some turnovers and run the ball often and effectively, they might squeak out a win.  Very unlikely, but hey, any givenSunday. 

Thanks once again to Smackdad for answering our questions. Check out our sister site Gang Green Nation for all things New York Jets related. These folks do a great job covering their team!