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Live Blog: Denver Broncos at New York Jets

I've never been fond of games where the Denver Broncos were expected to obliterate an opponent, but the New York Jets are reeling and a blowout should be expected. Why do I feel like its not going to be that easy?
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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
New York Jets
Sunday, October 12, 2014 - 11:00 AM MDT
Denver Broncos




32nd Pass Off. 3rd
6th Rush Off. 29th
15th Pass Def. 22nd
6th Rush Def. 7th
1-4 MetLife Stadium, New York 3-1
4th AFC East Spread: +10 2nd AFC West

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If there was ever a game the Denver Broncos should win, its this one against the reeling New York Jets. The ultimate trap game, yet what am I saying? The Broncos have Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Julius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. The should win this game.  In fact, they should win every game!

Rex Ryan has to know he is toast this year no matter what, but the horrible irony here is that its not even his doing really. Geno Smith is a bust and just about every drafted player is a bust in recent years. Where are those heads rolling? Poor Jets fans don't even see it for what it is either and I feel for them.

As for the game, it should and will be a blowout. I think Peyton Manning will come up one short or exactly tie Brett Favre's touchdown record and the Broncos steamroll the Jets when its all said and done.

Prediction: Broncos 45, Jets 16.

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Early Game Predictions

It's a rare event for the Denver Broncos to be playing in the early slot, so this post will be quite longer than usual as I run through my game predictions here. As for pick'em, I am still in my early season slump, so definitely don't take anything to bank! I was 11-4 last week though, but that was good for like 30th place. ha!

New England Patriots (3-2) at Buffalo Bills (3-2)

Tom Brady and the Patriots travel to Buffalo to reclaim the AFC East lead and that is exactly what they will do. Kyle Orton will not have a huge comeback this week and all of the doubters of Tom Brady's continued greatness will go back into hiding for another week. Looking back, the Bills do play the Patriots hard at home, so it might be a close one. Prediction: Patriots 23, Bills 20.

Carolina Panthers (3-2) at Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

I am personally banking on many in my pick'em league to overreact this week to the Bengals, just like they did with the Patriots last week. Picking the Patriots at least put me back into a respectable ranking for the week and now maybe the Bengals will do the same. Just because a team gets blown up one week does not necessarily mean it will happen two weeks in a row, plus the Panthers are coming off a huge comeback win of their own, which usually translates in a flat performance the following week. Prediction: Bengals 28, Panthers 17.

Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) at Cleveland Browns (2-2)

The Steelers have been enjoying cup cake after cup cake on their schedule and in most years that would mean the Browns would be another cup cake, however, the Browns are playing hard and gaining some confidence for a chance. I think the Steelers lose to every quality opponent they face this year and for a change, I think the Browns might just be a quality opponent. Prediction: Browns 21, Steelers 19.

Green Bay Packers (3-2) at Miami Dolphins (2-2)

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have racked up 80 points in two weeks, while giving up just 27 on defense. These guys are rolling, which means a road game against an inferior foe is the perfect time for the Packers to lose a game they shouldn't lose. However, I just can't bring myself to pick against them even when my gut is screaming for it. Prediction: Packers 24, Dolphins 21.

Detroit Lions (3-2) at Minnesota Vikings (2-3)

Frankly, I almost changed my pick here, but realized that I never win when I change my picks. No doubt, through some twist of fate I'll lose this pick too just because I considered changing it, but didn't. Fact is, I do not trust Matthew Stafford to come up big in any game, but the Vikings are terrible... Prediction: Lions 17, Vikings 13.

Baltimore Ravens (3-2) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-4)

This is a game that Joe Flacco and the Ravens must have and with their upstart defense leading the way they should have it rather easily. The Buccaneers have played hard for the last few weeks (since their meltdown on Thursday Night Football), but they are still a team horribly deficient in talent up against a legitimate playoff contender. Prediction: Ravens 27, Buccaneers 14.

Jacksonville Jaguars (0-5)  at Tennessee Titans (1-4)

My only upset pick this week is on a team that has yet to win a football game. Historically, winless teams have the most success in Weeks 5-8 and the Titans are the easiest matchup the Jaguars have during that time. Blake Bortles has played admirably given how terrible this team is, so if he is going to be a difference maker in any game this year its probably going to be in a game like this one. Plus I am still pissed about the Titans screwing me over last week with that 25 point lead blown. Prediction: Jaguars 31, Titans 21.