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Denver Broncos vs. New York Jets - 7 questions

Happy Gameday Broncos Country! Here are 7 questions I have heading into this morning's game.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Broncos finally become stone cold killers?

The Jets are 1-4 and woefully undermanned with talent. Their offense is run by a 2nd year player who has thrown at least one interception in 17/21 games. Their defense has a secondary only a mother could love. This is a team the Denver Broncos need to curbstomp into oblivion. This is a team the Denver Broncos need to shut the door on.  The Denver Broncos should win in such a dominating fashion that Rex Ryan should be fired come Tuesday.  Great teams don't let bad teams linger, they snuff them out like the garbage they are. Anything less is unacceptable.

Will the Denver Broncos try to fit a square peg into a round hole?

One of the biggest strengths of this porous Jets team is it's defensive front. Teams have a hard time running the ball against them. The Broncos have to be one of the worst running offenses in the NFL. The question here is will the Broncos try and come into this game to establish the run, or will they look to attack a poor secondary early? We can learn a lot by their strategy at least to begin the game.

Does Rex Ryan have anything left up his sleeve?

I believe Peyton Manning is 1-2 against the Jets head coached by Rex Ryan. Rex has successfully concocted some very good gameplans in the past that has kept Manning on his toes. Rex also had Darrelle Revis and the ability to shut down one side of the field in the past. The time on Rex in New York is ticking and he has nothing to lose. We will see how much fight he has left in him by the approach he attempts on Sunday.

Who will cover Eric Decker?

This is an emotional game for Decker. He was basically tossed aside this offseason. Sure he took the max offer with the New York Jets, but he was never offered anything by Denver. The Broncos thought they could do better and cheaper and they look to be correct at least to begin the season. I want Decker to be as invisible as he was in the Super Bowl. If it were Chris Harris Jr. to do it, it would be all the sweeter.

How will Franklin, Ramirez, and Vasquez handle the interior DL of the Jets?

Muhammed Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson are two big bad men that could give Peyton Manning a lot of issues in the passing game. The Jets have enough talent on the edge to make Manning uncomfortable especially if he has to step up into a hornets nest all game.

How will the Broncos split their carries?

It was interesting to watch but the Broncos used Hillman all the way up until they reached about the 10 yardline.....then they inserted Juwan Thompson who finished off the late game drive with a powerful scamper to the endzone.  Will Juwan be utilized in short yardage and goal-line situations going forward?

McManus faces 2nd test of the season, how will he look?

The biggest takeaway from last week was that the young kicker was operating under some nerves. Hopefully he's beyond that now and can concentrate on making some good kicks going forward.