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Denver Broncos are America's favorite team, replacing Cowboys, says Harris poll

The Denver Broncos are America's Team.


It's a little bit Peyton Manning, a little bit John Elway, a little bit record-breaking greatness. It's a little bit how the Denver Broncos have always had a large fanbase nationwide, and maybe it's even a little bit rooting for the underdog following Denver's 43-8 Super Bowl loss.

The Denver Broncos are America's favorite team, unseating the Dallas Cowboys for the first time in 16 years.

The survey was of 2,543 adults, including about half who follow professional football, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times. The Broncos were 3rd in the Harris poll last year.

Another (perhaps) less scientific survey shows the stranglehold the Broncos have on the country geographically, particularly in the West. Facebook released its annual NFL fan map showing Broncos orange is well-represented across the US.

The Orange Crush is spreading like a virus.

This is Broncos Country.