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Vote for the Broncos vs. Jets play of the game!

We have a lot of candidates to get to, but before we do, let's take a look at last week's winner.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

DT beats Cromartie


This play received 60% of the vote. Now for this week's slate of plays!


Manning avoids pressure like a boss

Had everything worked out perfectly, Virgil Green would have taken out the edge blitzer with his barrel role. Instead, Manning is forced to step back up into the middle of the pocket (looks like a designed roll to the right) and sees DT with position a few yards deep into the endzone.

Manning beats Rex's exotic defense

Anyone else hear "Yakety Sax" playing in the background. Seriously, it seemed like Manning had forever to linger in the pocket. Not everyday you see OLB's chipping WR's at the LOS, but in the land of "my defense has little talent" Rex did what he had to do. And the play still went for 54 yards.


I don't think there's a safety in the NFL that could cover Orange Julius in the redzone, s yes JT, it is too easy!

Fortunate Son

The Broncos have been lucky all season with fumbles, you know Ronnie is getting the "Blue Ball" treatment this week in practice.

Open field for Old Men

Over a lineman, slightly behind to avoid the charging safety. Done and done.


Roby Solo

Bradley Roby is the last guy you'd think would be sacking the QB, but here he is. Corner blitz from the slot on 2nd long. Great timing by Bradley and his closing speed is 2nd no none.

Jackson Von-Ware

Geno is flushed into the pocket by Malik Jackson. Von and Ware move quickly on Geno and take him down.

Ware Solo

This one belongs to the coverage, but notice that Ware's first movement to Geno is to try and knock the ball out of his grasp.

Von Ware Wolfe


Ware gets there around the edge and Von Miller peels back to the inside on a stunt.  Wolfe plays mop-up duty and the game should have been over right here....instead?

Prime Talib


I have no clue where Geno was throwing, but I'm glad Talib saw it and capitalized. He high-steps into the endzone like Deion Sanders and seals the game for the Broncos.

What was your favorite play of the game?