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Denver Broncos Week 7 Power Rankings: Around The Web

The Denver Broncos are coming off a tough 31-17 win over the New York Jets. Lets see where they rank around the web after their tough victory.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Our weekly look around the web for how the Broncos rank in NFL Power Rankings.


(Last week: 2)

It was harder than the score looked, but the Broncos won behind another big day from the Thomases. Demaryius topped 100 yards receiving again, and Julius caught a pair of touchdowns.

Thoughts: The Broncos are back where they should be. Of course i'm a little biased, but the Broncos are the best team in the league right now. San Diego is second and Dallas makes the jump to third.

Mile High Report: 1

(Last Week: 2)

Record 4-1. Peyton Manning had an off kind of day today as the Denver Broncos offensive line was unable to keep him clean during parts of the game on Sunday, but the Broncos defense came to play for the second consecutive week giving truth behind Julius Thomas saying its too easy.

Julius Thomas Too Easy

Thoughts: Tim got it right because it's just too f@#*ing easy. The Broncos are number one! 1

(Last week: 3)

A no-big-deal day from Peyton Manning, yet -- once again -- that improved Broncos defense showed something. Sure, we know Geno Smith is no bueno, but the New York Jets' running game got nada Sunday (2.1 yards per pop on 15 rushes). It was a Grade A performance from that side of the ball.

Thoughts: has been kinda awful with their rankings the past few weeks, they finally made up for their mistakes and put the Broncos where they belong(THEY HAD THEM 6TH AFTER THE SEATTLE LOSS).

SB Nation: 1

(Last week: 2)

CBS Sports: 1

(Last week: 2)

Peyton Manning is rolling, but now comes a tough test against the 49ers. Denver has worked its way back to the top spot.

Thoughts: Prisco you did not disappoint.

Fox Sports: 2

(Last week: 3)

Von Miller’s two sacks and five total pressures played a key role in limiting a somewhat effective Geno Smith. The Broncos offensive line was dominated through the interior for the first time since the Super Bowl. Without generating a legitimate push up front, the Broncos could struggle to escape with a win against a more difficult opponent.

Thoughts: You messed up Foxsports, you really messed up. They put San Diego ahead of Denver in this rankings. I get it, San Diego is playing well but look who they have played lately? Jacksonville, Jets and Raiders