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Live Blog: NFL Week 7 Thursday Night Football - New York Jets at New England Patriots

The languishing New York Jets head up to Massachusetts to take on the AFC East-leading New England Patriots tonight. Does anyone see any way the Jets pull this one off?
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Tom Szczerbowski

It was nice to notch a second straight solid week, but even then nearly two-thirds of those in my pick'em league won at least eleven games, so no catching up to the leaders last week. The biggest let down last week was me being the only guy who picked the Jacksonville Jaguars to win their first game of the season, which would have made me the only twelve game winner that week. Lame!

  • Last Week: 11-3
  • Season: 56-34

Anyway, picking seems to be getting easier as the season progresses.  I guess that makes sense as we figure out who are the frauds and who are the legitimate contenders. Tonight's game features two teams each hailing from one of those two categories.

In fact, let's get on with tonight's pick and hopefully the start of another respectable week for pick'em!

New York Jets (1-5) at New England Patriots (4-2)

Rex Ryan is done in New York, but the team he apparently failed was built by a front office that thinks Geno Smith is a franchise quarterback. With that kind of logic, I would advise Jets fans to be patient for at least another decade. As for the Patriots, the Tom Brady haters were out and proud three weeks ago and now they all look collectively stupid thanks for Tom Terrific's rampage over the last two weeks. You really should expect that to continue against this dysfunctional and hapless Jets organization. Prediction: Patriots 34, Jets 14.