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Broncos 3rd and Long: Mixed results against the Jets

Another game that came down to the final minute, and the Broncos prevailed.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets converted 5 of 14 3rd down situations on us. Two of those happened on the Jets' fourth quarter drive where they pulled within seven points; those conversions were on 3rd and 4 and 3rd and 2. Let's look at 3rd and long, shall we?

Broncos in 3rd and Long (7+) vs. Jets
Situation The play Result
Q1: 3rd and 11 at NYJ 39 (10:36) (Shotgun) G.Smith pass short right to J.Cumberland to NYJ 44 for 5 yards (K.Webster). Punt
3rd and 12 at NYJ 32 (1:10) (Shotgun) G.Smith pass short left to J.Amaro to NYJ 34 for 2 yards (K.Webster). Punt
Q2: 3rd and 7 at NYJ 7 (10:38) (Shotgun) G.Smith pass incomplete short right to G.Salas (D.Wolfe). Punt
3rd and 12 at NYJ 40 (3:15) (Shotgun) G.Smith pass incomplete short left to J.Kerley (B.Roby). Punt
Q3: 3rd and 19 at NYJ 34 (6:13) (Shotgun) G.Smith pass incomplete short middle to J.Conner. Punt
3rd and 10 at NYJ 47 (4:00) (Shotgun) G.Smith pass short right to T.Graham to DEN 42 for 11 yards (K.Webster). NYJ-B.Winters was injured during the play. Converted
3rd and 10 at DEN 42 (3:23) (Shotgun) G.Smith pass short left to E.Decker to DEN 29 for 13 yards (C.Harris). Converted
Q4: 3rd and 14 at NYJ 1 (:23) G.Smith pass deep right intended for J.Kerley INTERCEPTED by A.Talib at NYJ 22. A.Talib for 22 yards, TOUCHDOWN. B.McManus extra point is GOOD, Center-A.Brewer, Holder-B.Colquitt. Turnover

After holding the Jets to only one third down conversion for the first 40 minutes of the game, the Broncos allowed the Jets four third down conversions in the game's final 20 minutes, including two third-and-longs.

For the season we have allowed 27.5% conversion on 3rd and long (11 of 40) with most of the damage occurring in the KC game (7 of 11 conversions). That KC game is starting to look more and more like an anomaly - take out that 7 of 9 and we would be allowing a spectacular 12.9% conversion on 3rd and long.  Overall on 3rd down we are allowing 41.8% conversion on the year, but that number is also skewed high because of the horrible performance against KC (14 of 19). Both numbers should continue to drop as the year wears on and our D shows its true mettle.

Our run D on first down was as close to perfect as you can realistically get. We allowed 12 yards on 10 carries (1.2 ypc). That included 2 tackles for loss and 3 stops for no gain. We consistently put the Jets "behind schedule" by forcing them into 2nd and 9 or more. For the season we have allowed 175 yards on 58 first down carries (3.0 ypc), but the last two games have been stellar. AZ and NY combined for 27 yards on 18 first down carries against us (1.5 ypc). Overall our run D has been superb in the last two games with AZ and NY combining for 68 yards on 34 carries (2.0 ypc). For the season we are tied for 4th in ypc allowed (3.16) and 2nd in total rushing yards allowed (384).