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Live Blog - Week 7 NFL Picks Late Game Predictions

Can Eli Manning slay the Cowboy beast? Who cares, we just want to pass the time until Sunday Night Football!
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Rich Schultz

Almost there! As a northern California native, few Denver Broncos fans appreciate how much I dislike the San Francisco 49ers and their fans. That Super Bowl back in 1989 stuck with me throughout the early 90s as something that every single 49er fan would mention once they learned I was a Bronco fan.

Anyway, that is why I cannot wait for tonight. Let's get on with it already! But first, let's get these stupid meaningless games out of the way. The only one that looks even remotely interesting is the one down in Texas. The rest would only spark my interest if there were an upset imminent.

So who do I have? Whichever team is the favorite.

Kansas City Chiefs (2-3) at San Diego Chargers (5-1)

It certainly looks like the AFC West lead is going to come down to next weeks Thursday Night Football matchup between these Chargers and the Broncos. I seriously doubt that Alex Smith and the Chiefs will be any match for the red hot Philip Rivers and the Chargers defense. It's a two horse race after today. Prediction: Chargers 28, Chiefs 17.

New York Giants (3-3) at Dallas Cowboys (5-1)

This is a spot I would normally be all over with Eli Manning and the Giants taking on an overrated Tony Romo and the Cowboys. Demarco Murray is the engine that drives this Cowboys offense and at some point a team will come along and shut him down for a game. Am I willing to risk my week on it? Nope. Prediction: Cowboys 27, Giants 21.

Arizona Cardinals (4-1) at Oakland Raiders (0-5)

Carson Palmer is returning to the dysfunctional franchise he fled and will likely come away with a victory. As much as I like Derek Carr's potential, the Raiders will find a way to ruin him like they do any talent that comes their way. The Cardinals are looking to keep first place in the NFC West and will bring their A-game. Hopefully. Prediction: Cardinals 34, Raiders 24.