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Denver Broncos vs. San Francisco 49ers - 7 questions

Happy Gameday Broncos Country!

Christian Petersen

Will the Broncos play a lot of zone to help keep eyes on Colin Kaeperknick?

One tactic to help keep a mobile quarterback in check. Defenders are able to watch the quarterback as the play develops. Some of the biggest running lanes are by playing close and press man on the outside. Receivers blast up field and their defender must focus solely on them. More space and less defenders.

Will Jack Del Rio use a QB spy?

Baffling to me has been the amount of mobile quarterbacks the Broncos have faced thus far and the amount of plays there has been no one to check the quarterback. Guys like Wilson and Kap are dangerously fast. You need one of your best athletes on alert all the time, and that man is Von Miller. We have a good rotation of edge-rushers, Von can spend this game at the MIKE as a spy.

Will TJ Ward become the new coverage LB in nickel?

For this game at least, it would probably help to have TJ Ward covering Vernon Davis and keeping that TE spot in check. The Niners will use lots of heavy sets in their running game and playaction.

Who will have a better day receiving: Wes Welker, or Julius Thomas?

This is one of those games, especially against a severely diminished LB corps, the Broncos should look to feed all game on those short crossers and option routes that Wes Welker can take advantage of. Thomas should also have some great opportunities down the seam with Jimmy Ward out of the lineup.

Will the running game continue the mojo?

We have a new moving part tonight, Paul Cornick is getting the start at RT over Chris Clark. The Broncos ran the ball effectively with Cornick in as an extra blocker, and had only 9 yards on 10 carries of RT with Chris Clark in the game. The Niners don't have a lot of speed off the edge so those outside stretch and pistol stretch plays should be very much in play.

Welcome to the starting lineup Mr. Cornick!

I threw you a curveball there. There's really only one possible question to ask here: how will he play?

Will this be a breakthrough game?

The Broncos are at home, making plays on defense, and trying to put things together on offense. At home against a hurting opponent, this would be a great game to see the Broncos make a statement.