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Peyton Manning breaks Brett Favre's all-time passing touchdown record

Manning stands alone. In a sport where the team is bigger than the individual, the Broncos' ultimate team player once again came through for the team.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

507 was Emmanuel Sander's 1st touchdown of the season, the 45th man to catch one from Peyton.

Peyton Manning 507

508 went to Wes Welker on a fake WR screen to Demaryius Thomas

Peyton Manning 508

509 went to none other than Demaryius Thomas who also caught Peyton Manning's 1st TD as a Denver Bronco, and his record setting 55th last season.

Peyton Manning 509

Peyton has thrown a touchdown every 17.1 passes during the course of his career. As a Denver Bronco, he has thrown one every 13.4 passes. 12 different Broncos have now caught a TD pass from Manning who has 110 touchdown passes in orange and blue.

With every milestone passed and game played, Peyton Manning reminds us you're never too old to dominate. Enjoy him while we have him Broncos Country, greatness lasts forever but the career is fleeting.

Peyton Manning TD keepaway