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Brett Favre, Tom Brady and others congratulate Peyton Manning on his touchdown record

Peyton Manning's 509th touchdown received the recognition such a mark merits from his peers and those who came before him.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning broke the all-time touchdown record Sunday during the Broncos' 42-17 victory over the 49ers, and everyone celebrated, even his enemies.

Except Tom Brady. Watch the video. Guy couldn't seem less happy to be wishing Peyton congrats. See you in a few weeks indeed!

Congratulations Peyton!

(Quotes courtesy the Broncos.)


"I want to say congratulations for breaking the touchdown record-I'm not surprised. You've been a wonderful player and I've enjoyed watching you play, I've enjoyed competing against you. I wish you a great success for the rest of the season and the rest of your career. But again, congratulations."


"Peyton, congratulations on breaking the touchdown record. You deserve it, you're a true pro. Congratulations and enjoy."


"Well Peyton, it's official. Your ducks have crossed the end zone more than anybody else's. But really, congratulations, nobody has ever played the quarterback position better than you have. It's been a pleasure to sit back every Sunday and watch you play. People love to debate, ‘Who is the greatest quarterback, the greatest player?' It's impossible to compare across all the generations and eras. But I know this, nobody can ever leave Peyton Manning out of that discussion about who is the greatest quarterback. Congratulations, Peyton."


"I'm congratulating you on breaking the record, 509 touchdown passes. That's a lot... I'm sure happy a Southern boy still holds the record."


"This is Sonny Jurgensen. Peyton, I'd just like to congratulate you on your 509th touchdown pass. That's quite an accomplishment."


"Five hundred and nine touchdown passes is a tribute to what Peyton Manning is all about and what he's been through his whole career. It's just an unbelievable feat, but the one thing I would think is I'm planning on him having a lot more touchdown passes. So we're not just going to be happy with his 509, but it truly is a tremendous feat that Peyton has accomplished."


"Congratulations, Peyton on your touchdown record, a great achievement. We'll see you in a few weeks."


"Hey Peyton, just wanted to congratulate you on breaking the career touchdown mark. You continue to set the bar for the rest of us and you optimize what it means to be a quarterback and a leader in this league and we thank you for that."


"Peyton congratulations for breaking the all-time touchdown record. It's an incredible feat. The way you conduct yourself on and off the field speaks volumes about the amount of respect you have among the fans, your teammates, your coaches, and your peers, like myself. I'm proud to know you, I'm proud to compete against you, and it's an incredible record, buddy. Congrats."


"Congratulations, Peyton, on breaking the all-time record for touchdown passes. I couldn't be more proud of you. Still think back to 12 years ago the first one that I saw live, a quick short pass to Qadry Ismail. I remember saying, ‘Boy this is going to be a lot of fun" and little did I know at that time that you'd throw 397 more and break this record, but I know it's not over. I hope you throw a couple hundred more touchdown passes as a Bronco. Keep it going, congratulations, and God bless."


"Congratulations Peyton. It's a great honor, and it was a great privilege to play with you. I'm glad I played a little part in it and I'm glad I got to spend a lot of time as your teammate and more importantly as your friend. It was awesome to be a part of it. Congrats, couldn't happen to a better person and a better teammate."


"Congratulations on setting the record, what an incredible accomplishment! It was an honor to play with you and be a part of some of those touchdowns. Not only are you a great football player, but an even better friend. TheSaturday family cheers for you each and every Sunday and we're looking forward to many more touchdowns."