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Mile High Report Mailbag - Biggest concern edition

Your questions are answered, Broncos Country.

It's time for the Broncos to give Juwan Thompson a shot. He's the hardest runner on the team. When you have an offensive line that gets beat at the point of attack consistently, you either need a running back with sick agility/elusiveness or someone that can grind extra yards after conctact. Juwan is our grinder and would be able to salvage some character out of the running game. If he had more experience and a better understanding of the offense he could push Montee for the starting gig.

Coaching. I've been worried about this ever since the horrible showing in the Super Bowl. Leading up to gameday, I don't see a big issue with our coaching staff. I think they do a good job managing the players and game-planning for the opponent. I think they do a good job handling things in house--we never hear about drama that's going on with specific players (think back to the mysterious benching of Kayvon Webster and Ronnie Hillman). Come gameday though, this is not a coaching staff that is going to be able to punch/counter-punch so to speak. We see this in long stretches of the game where maybe the opposing defense has adjusted to our offense and as a result are successful keeping them from scoring drive after drive after drive.

We're talking Jack Del Rio failing to find an answer for that misdirection bootleg even though it had been ran successfully by Russell Wilson time and again. We're talking about Gase and the offense struggling to adapt after Virgil Green's concussion rendered our 12 personnel inept. It's things like that, when things go off script that bothers me most about the coaching staff because they have a hard time making adjustments.

Here's a question from someone via email--they asked to remain anonymous:

Bronco Mike, why do you think it has been hard for the Broncos to put away teams early on?

Part of it is letting the foot off the gas. The Broncos have not displayed a killer instinct yet. Another reason is that the Colts and Chiefs are decent teams. We underrated them because of all the injuries along their respective rosters. Yes talent matters, but if you have a team that is well coached and fundamentally sound they can compete with anyone. Arizona is another example of one of these teams. They are missing a lot of key guys along their roster but here they at 3-0 ready to give the Broncos all they can handle.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions this week.  Find me on twitter @Bronco_Mike251 and keep the questions coming.