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Denver Broncos vs. Arizona Cardinals: TV Broadcast Map (NFL Week 5, FOX)

Courtesy of here's a broadcast map for the Broncos/Cardinals Week 5 game. If you're in the BLUE (BLUE, not TEAL) you are in luck. Kickoff is 2:05PM MT.

Updated Saturday Oct 4th with latest map. Chico, CA, Bristol, TN; Lincoln, NE, Little Rock and Fort Smith AR, and Eugene, OR all switched to Broncos-Cardinals.

Funny story. When I went to yesterday I saw this map...


...and thought, "What kind of nightmarish world have I entered where the Broncos game is blacked out in Denver? What the hell is going on here?"

And then I realized the Broncos game was on FOX rather than CBS this week. Whew! The world has not gone completely crazy.

If you are in the BLUE in the FOX map (at the top of this post) you WILL get the Broncos/Cardinals game on your TV this Sunday. Kickoff is at 2:05PM MT and the commentators are Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Hawaii and Fairbanks, Alaska are also in the BLUE. The rest of that map refers to early NFL games airing on FOX on Sunday.

In case you are wondering about the CBS late map - the RED sections will get the Chiefs/49ers game and the BLUE sections will get the Jets/Chargers game.  All I will say about those games are go 49ers and Jets!! (The GREY areas won't get a late game on CBS due to silly and annoying NFL rules.)

Here's what I'm hoping to see this Sunday in the Broncos/Cardinals game:

  • A complete game - after a Bye week I'm hoping to see four quarters of great football from the Broncos. I will also take 2 great quarters of football followed by 2 crazy amazing quarters of football.
  • The Broncos defense going ballistic. Sacks, sacks, more sacks, turnovers, interceptions, etc. You get where I'm going here.
  • DT bouncing back in a huge way. Demayrius Thomas hasn't been quite himself this season but we're still incredibly lucky to have him even on an off day in my opinion. I would love nothing more than to see him have a huge game on Sunday.
  • An improvement on our run blocking. I don't actually think I WILL see this but a girl can dream . . .
  • A long field goal attempt that means absolutely nothing to the outcome of the game. I'd like to see McManus have a shot at a long field goal in this game to see how he does. But I'm not excited about having the game depend on that field goal. I'm guessing even if McManus has a great game Prater will still be welcomed back Week 6 but you never know about these things.
  • Speaking of special teams Britton Colquitt punted 8 times in Seattle - 8 times!!!!! I'd like to decrease that number by 8 this Sunday.
The Broncos are 7-1-1 all-time against the Cardinals. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:05PM MT.

Go Broncos!