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Peyton Manning's 509th touchdown football enshrined in Hall of Fame [Gallery]

Peyton Manning's piece of history is where it belongs - the Pro Football Hall of Fame, where Manning's bronze bust will surely one day be.

The path from Denver, Colorado to Canton, Ohio wasn't without complications for the record-breaking 509th touchdown football Peyton Manning threw to Demaryius Thomas Sunday night, as Ben Hochman of The Denver Post does a nice job of chronicling.

On Monday morning, there will be a man at the airport with a bag, and he will be given the choice to carry-on or check, and he will laugh.

Inside Joe Horrigan's black canvas bag, inside a purple reusable tote bag, will be history.

So Horrigan will go through security at Denver International Airport, and some officer will monitor the bag and think to himself, "Cool, a football," and have no idea it's the football.

Horrigan flew to Denver on Sunday for one reason - to retrieve the ball Peyton Manning threw to break Brett Favre's record for career touchdown passes ... and bring it back to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"They're going to meet me at the Hall of Fame at 3:15 in the afternoon; they've got a case prepared," explained Horrigan, the executive vice president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. "And they'll put it right on display for everybody to see starting around 4 o'clock."