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Vote for the Broncos vs. 49ers play of the game

What was your favorite play from this past Sunday Night?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


Sanders is in the slot. He runs a shallow cross and is helped by an unsuspecting referee trying to set his vantage point.


I can never get enough of the old "I know what you know, what I know you know." The Broncos know their tendencies, they know how their opposition will react to those tendencies, so they throw in another wrinkle and presto you have yourselves some fancy trickery.


Peyton talked about running this play against the Niners in preseason. That time it was Bubba Caldwell. Manning said he rushed the throw and missed Bubba on the out-cut. This time he waited as long as possible before delivering a ball only Demaryius could get to.


Niners play what looks like Cover 3 from this angle. They have have Welker bracketed in the slot. Manning holds the safety and places a beautiful ball right in the waiting arms of Demaryius Thomas.

Hillman crosses the goal-line IRL

When Hillman was drafted, we were told plays like this would be the norm. A couple years later we finally see the potential in action. Nice jump cut past initial defender, good vision, nice change of field on 2nd level, and speed to outlast the pursuit. Perfect!

Fool me once

I don't think I've ever seen a fake spin move from a defender....ever. I've been watching this game forever and out of all the brilliant pass rush moves I've witnessed....this is one of the most impressive. Kap had no shot.

Fool me twice

Here's the spin move in action. Von has used this ever since his rookie season. It is one of the quickest and most dynamic moves in his repertoire. If Ware doesn't get you with the fake one, Von will with the real thing.

He's a joker

This is what happens when you have all those pass rushers at your disposal. You run a true 4-3 defense with Von Miller as a linebacker and you blitz him right through the A gap after a DT stunt. Next!

Leverage key

This is just brute strength and superior hand placement. Ware tosses the LT to the side with some ease.

Talib 2.0

Looks like press-man up until the snap. Talib backs off into a zone and reads the quarterback trying to take the seem route with the slot receiver. Had Kap hit Vernon Davis underneath, he had a lot of YAC in front of him. This isn't the first time Talib has baited a quarterback into making a bad decision.

What was your favorite play from this past weekend's game?