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Peyton Manning's 509 touchdowns in five amazing infographics

Peyton Manning broke the NFL touchdown record this Sunday. Here's how his 509 touchdowns went down, presented in five infographics by receiver, opponent, city, distance, and year.

By Receiver

How impressive is it that there are four orange jerseys in Peyton Manning's Top 12? John Elway has put together an impressive team around Manning. (via NFL)

Peyton Manning 509 TDs infographic by receiver

By Opponent

Manning vs. the New England Patriots is a rivalry so storied it fits between his old AFC South divisional foes.  Maybe Manning can throw for eight touchdowns in Week 9 in Foxboro to throw things for a loop, eh? (via ESPN)

Peyton Manning 509 TDs infographic by opponent

By City

Manning has only thrown one touchdown against the Vikings in their stadium, but in other NFC stadiums he's thrown for more (New Orleans, Philadelphia, Atlanta). Of course, nowhere comes close to Indianapolis, not even Denver. (via ESPN)

Peyton Manning 509 TDs infographic by city

By Distance

This infographic is a bit wild. You'll probably want to view the full version, as every single touchdown is represented by a line here, representing the distance of the touchdown as well as the receiver who caught it.  I like it because the long, green lines stand out, representing the deep ball success Manning had with Marvin Harrison and now with Demaryius Thomas.  (via Deadspin)

Peyton Manning 509 TDs infographic by distance

By Year

This infographic shows Manning's landmarks throws. It took him just 25 months to get from 400 to 500 touchdowns. Think he's got another two years in him to reach 600? (via The Denver Post)

Peyton Manning 509 TDs infographic by year