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NFL trade rumors: Should Broncos make a midseason right tackle adjustment?

Marshall Faulk's Question of the Week is all about midseason adjustments.

Let's get professional: Midway through the season, it's time to assess and adjust. To be GMC Professional Grade, you must be calculated in your approach. What adjustments are needed to make sure you are fighting for a playoff spot?

Like any team, the Broncos took a long, hard look at their starters as they approached the midway of the season. The Broncos found they were lacking in one spot: right tackle. Chris Clark was benched before Denver's Week 7 game, and Paul Cornick came in.

Cornick didn't do that much better in Week 7, but in Week 8, we saw marked improvement.

Which begs the question: in advance of Tuesday's NFL trade deadline, should the Broncos make any moves at all?

Why a trade makes sense

The Broncos are a win-now team, and they know as well anyone that a shaky right tackle can spell doom for their Super Bowl aspirations.

Peyton Manning Orlando Franklin Super Bowl interception

Cornick had a good game Thursday, but that doesn't mean he would continue to, or that he could handle the likes of Cliff Avril.

Why a trade doesn't make sense

In-season trades are rare. In-season trades by the Broncos under John Elway seem even more rare - we can't remember a single occurrence.

Also, the Broncos are widely being called the "best team in the NFL." Would they get that much better by trading for a tackle?

Additionally, the Broncos just invested a third round pick in Michigan tackle Michael Schofield. While he isn't seeing the field yet (he has been inactive every week so far), it's too early to abandon the plan of Schofield being an impact player by trading for a quick-fix.

Odds of it happening

Very low. I think the Broncos will stick to their right-tackle guns and let Cornick prove he can keep this spot. If he struggles, Clark and Schofield can compete for the job.

What do you think? Should the Broncos swing for some tackle help before the trade deadline?

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