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Peyton Manning's scoreboard operator may have been a Broncos fan

One thing is for sure, when Peyton says, "quiet down", you need to listen - regardless of what the scoreboard tells you to do.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There has been much said about Peyton Manning's annoyance towards the scoreboard operator in last night's Broncos victory over the San Diego Chargers. "I've got to have a little talk with our scoreboard operator," Manning said after the game. "It wasn't his best night."

Some fans at the game confirm things were wonky with the scoreboard. One Broncos fan admitted he felt like he had a guilty "Peyton Dad" moment when he saw Manning trying to quiet him down. Another (Chargers) fan compared the back-and-forth between Manning and Philip Rivers on the scoreboard to a WWE contest.

But does the scoreboard operator really deserve Manning's ire? Perhaps he is unintentionally upset with a fan?

I'm not talking about the 76,000+ fans in attendance who were yelling their heads off in excitement; no, I'm talking about a fan who had earlier won the "Bud Light: Up For Whatever" campaign.

Earlier Thursday evening, former Denver Broncos great Alfred Williams said on his radio show The Drive with D-Mac that he just gave away an "Ultimate Broncos Experience" to one lucky fan in the Bud Light pregame tent.

Listen to it right here. At the 40-second mark, Alfred Williams starts explaining what this experience entails (emphasis added) -

"One lucky fan just won an unbelievable day with the Denver Broncos, man. It involves Terrell Davis, myself... He's gonna feed carrots to Thunder (the Broncos' real-horse mascot). He's gonna be there with the parachuters as they come into the stadium. He's gonna work the scoreboard. He's gonna be on the sideline... he's going to have a total fan (experience)."

There you have it folks. Manning shouldn't blame the scoreboard operator as much as he should blame Bud Light for giving a Broncos fan too much control (despite how much Peyton may want a Bud Light in his mouth).

The Broncos say the scoreboard operator will not be made available for an interview. If YOU were the lucky fan who won the Bud Light contest, we want to hear from you! Email Kyle at

Here's hoping the real scoreboard operator still has a job the next time the Broncos play at Mile High.