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Broncos 35, Chargers 21: Game balls for Manning, Sanders and more

When the Denver Broncos win, the MHR Staff gives out game balls!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos put a whupping on the San Diego Chargers by two touchdowns thanks to three Emmanuel Sanders touchdowns and a stifling defensive effort. Alright, MHR, game ball time - who ya got?

Emmanuel Sanders

I have been wanting to give Emmanuel Sanders a game ball for seven games, but someone else always stood out just a little bit more each game. But with three spectacular touchdowns, 109 yards and a smile to light up Mile High all on its own, Sanders earned it outright, and I'm thrilled.

Targeted nine times, the former Steelers receiver caught all nine passes, logged his fourth 100-yard receiving game this season and his first-ever multiple touchdown game.

But as Bronco Mike noted, it's not so much the statistics - which are awesome! - but his versatility and effort. Sanders challenges any defense with his speed, and he's not afraid to make plays in traffic - which he does more often than not! - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Peyton Manning

My game ball goes to Peyton Manning.  It was another pedestrian night for him: 25/35, 286 yds, 3 TD, 0 INT. many of you out in Broncos Country thought that was a mediocre night for Manning?  I sure did. Peyton makes things look so easy sometimes we miss how good we have it at quarterback. That was a smoking performance by the Sheriff. Every time San Diego's offense pushed for a score, we answered back in short order.

And a bonus horseshoe to the forehead to the scoreboard operator. - Sadaraine

Brandon Marshall

A game ball to Brandon Marshall. He seemed to be everywhere clogging up lanes and making tackles -- he led the team with 8 solo tackles and 2 assists. More importantly, he was key in shutting down San Diego's Brandon Oliver. Oliver, in the Chargers' ladt 3 games had 384 yards from scrimmage and 3 touchdowns. Last night, Oliver touched the ball 20 times (13 rushes, 7 passes) for a total of 63 yards. Marshall made 8 solo tackles on him and assisted on one more. Marshall held Oliver to just 16 yards on those 9 plays. To be fair, Marshall did get fooled on a play that led to a long gain by Oliver, but Marshall tackled him for a loss the next time Oliver touched the ball. - Brian Shrout

Demaryius Thomas

Demaryius Thomas once again showed why he is one of the best in the NFL. Last night, he quietly broke a Denver Broncos franchise record with his fourth consecutive 100 yard receiving game. Emmanuel Sanders stole the show, but it was Thomas who made many of the plays to get Peyton Manning and the Broncos in position for those touchdowns. Thomas now leads the league in receiving yards with 47 receptions for 767 yards and 6 touchdowns. His 109.6 receiving yards per game is easily the best in NFL by a large margin. - Tim Lynch

Wes Welker

Targeted just six times in the last three weeks, Wes Welker may or may not have saved the win against the San Diego Chargers when he recovered  Emmanuel Sanders' fumble in the fourth quarter.

Veteran savvy can go both ways, If Sanders gives up that fumble, maybe San Diego comes back, and Sanders enters a level of angst among fans from which Ronnie Hillman only just recently emerged. Welker was having none of that and simply goes off instinct saving the drive.

Sanders said that he was so ecstatic about the recovery that he offered Welker money following the heads up play. - Ian Henson

Von Miller

Von Miller extended his league-leading sack count and his league-leading games-with-a-sack streak Thursday at nine and six respectively. He didn't just sack the quarterback Thursday, he "sacked" the running back, tackling Branden Oliver for a five-yard loss on one occasion and registering another stop. How long can Miller keep this sack train humming? - Monty

Paul Cornick

A week after a rough outing in his first professional start, Paul Cornick had an efficient night. He managed the edge rush like a seasoned vet, often directing his man far outside where he would not affect Manning's pocket. Cornick continues to be a solid run blocker, hopefully this new configuration will continue to yield positive results. Cornick allowed zero hits, hurries, pressures on his way to a positive pass blocking grade via pro football focus. - Bronco Mike

Ronnie Hillman

Ronnie Hillman is coming into his own. 5.5 yards per carry Thursday (his second straight game with an average over five yards) and another 100-yard game - his second in three games. - Scotty Payne

Who gets your Week 8 Game Ball, Broncos fans?