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Early Games - Open Thread

Good afternoon Broncos Country! Consider this your hangout to discuss the action going on across the NFL.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

In earlier action, Matt Prater kicked a game winner for the Lions who came back to beat the Falcons 22-21.

The Broncos next opponent New England is moving the ball at will against the lowly Bear defense, 17-0

Cincinnati is up early on Baltimore 7-3, Carolina is leading the struggling Seahawks 6-3.

Geno Smith threw 3-first half interceptions and was benched for Michael Vick who led the Jets on a 13-play scoring drive. Bills lead 14-7, Kyle Orton has 2 touchdown passes on the day.

Houston and Tennessee are all tied up at 3, in Tampa Bay the Bucs and Vikings are scoreless.

Trade Rumors

Several teams (including the New England Patriots) are reportedly interested in trading for Bucs WR Vincent Jackson.

Initial Scouting

Chicago's lack of depth at LB is really hurting them. The Patriots have been unable to run the ball effectively, but Rob Gronkowski has had a big impact already over the middle. One interesting note, Brandon Browner has been covering Bear TE Martellus Bennett quite a bit. This is a likely matchup for Julius Thomas.

You know the rules folks, no "f" bombs, be cordial to fans of other teams, and most of all, have a good time.