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Broncos vs. Patriots - The "Doesn't Matter" Weather Report

Not that the weather would matter, but early indications seem to point to a mild day/evening next Sunday when the Broncos meet the Patriots.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

There's only a 10% chance of rain with winds projected to reach no higher than 18 miles per hour. Hmm, 18, perhaps the weather forecast is trying to tell us something?

Manning could set another record in the house that Tony Eason built

At this moment, Peyton Manning is 173-74 during his career in the NFL. One more victory puts him at exactly 100 wins above .500. There is only one quarterback in NFL history that has boasted such an accomplishment: Tom Brady. Brady is 154-45 on his career.

Manning will join this club at some point this year. Doing it against Brady and the Patriots in their house is just icing on the cake.

Early impressions

Darrell Revis shut down Brandon Marshall, Brandon Browner made some nice plays on Martellus Bennett. The Broncos move receivers around so you won't always get the same matchups. None-the-less these will be some interesting matchups to look at during the week. Remember, Demaryius has some success against Revis during his career. Revis was the very first touchdown reception Thomas ever caught when Revis was a Jet.

The Bears got little to no pass rush and their defense had no answer for Rob Gronkowski. This past week Jack Del Rio relied on Quinton Carter to cover Antonio Gates on 3rd downs in our dime defense. Carter was simply outclassed and gave up some big plays.

Last season, current Broncos SS TJ Ward was used in coverage on Gronkowski as a Cleveland Brown. He had three targets and no receptions...and also delivered a clean hit later in the game that would ultimately end Gronk's season early. The Patriots are not going to beat you outside. Stop the run, get some pressure, and double Gronkowski. Without playaction this offense struggles to make things happen in the passing game.

Look for a lot of in-depth film study as we go through the week.

A win gives the Broncos a strangle-hold on the AFC

A loss lets inferior teams gain confidence