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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - Brady Lies Edition

Good Morning Broncos Country

Darren McCollester

"I love the guys that I play with," Brady said. "I wouldn't change any of them for anybody. The group that I've been lucky enough to play with -- and I've had some great ones over the years. As a quarterback, you work all offseason with the group of guys and you develop a chemistry and a camaraderie with each other, and it's great when it all pays off."


You know those white lies you tell people to avoid hurting their feelings? "No you don't look fat..."  Well, in a radio interview on the Dennis Callahan show, Tom Brady went that route when asked about his weapons on offense. He took the "you're beautiful no matter what" line, and I can't blame him. Did the host really think Brady would say "YES! Give me Denver's weapons!?"

All kidding aside we know where Brady's heart is. Demaryius Thomas is a much better receiver than Julian Edelman. Emmanuel Sanders wins over Brandon LaFell. Amendola does not pass the Wes Welker test. If there is one weapon Brady was truthful about, it is Rob Gronkowski. No way you swap him with anyone let alone Julius Thomas.

If you had the opportunity to take any player off the Patriot roster and make him a Denver Bronco, who would it be?

Horse Tracks

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