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What was your favorite Champ Bailey moment?

I asked the Mile High Report staff what their favorite Champ Bailey moments were, and invite you to share yours in the comments.

Boston Globe

2005-06 AFC Divisional Playoffs - Broncos

Hands down, my favorite Champ Bailey interception is one of my favorite Broncos interceptions of all time (and likely of most Broncos fans) - Champ picking off Tom Brady in the end zone during the AFC divisional playoffs at New England and running back nearly 100 yards before getting knocked out at the 1 yard line.

Interceptions are some of the most exciting plays in pro football, in my opinion, and Champ did it 52 times in his career, 34 times for Denver. And picking off Brady? In the playoffs? Well, it just can't get any better.

- Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

2010, Week 4 - Broncos 17, Cowboys 10

It's odd that my favorite memory would come from the McDaniels era. It was against the Cowboys, late in the game, in fact the Cowboys had the ball at our goal line and were threatening to put the game into overtime. Twice in a row Tony Romo threw the quick slant. Twice in a row Champ Bailey like he did so many times in his career, read the route, broke on the ball, and picture-perfect knocked the attempt away at the last moment.

This is the signature play for me, Champ breaking up a quick slant. On this day, it saved the Broncos victory. - Bronco Mike

2005, Week 2 - Broncos 20, Chargers 17

My favorite Champ Bailey moment occurred in 2005.The Broncos had already lost in embarrassing fashion to Miami in the season opener. We didn't even look like a professional football team at that moment. Yes, it was sweltering hot and players were dropping like flies from cramps, but the Broncos just looked awful.

The next week they were home against the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers were putting a whooping on us and our "we are gonna make the Super Bowl" talks from the offseason looked like foolish homerism. Enter one Mr. Champ Freaking Bailey. He picked off Drew Brees 4 seconds into the second half and returned it to the house for a 25 yard touchdown!

Before that play, the Broncos were losing 14-3 at the half and looking to go nowhere. Their season was looking bleak at best. After that pick six, the Broncos found new life and ripped off five wins in a row en route to a 13-3 season and a home AFC Championship game.

Without Champ, that season is lost. Without that one play, that season is lost. Not only did Champ turn that game around, but he turned the entire season around for the Broncos. He gave that team their swagger. - Big Pete

2006, Week 5 - Broncos 13, Ravens 3 (Monday Night Football)

I loved this game for a lot of reasons. Denver defenders intercepted Steve McNair three times - including Champ Bailey's leaping end zone INT at the end of the first half - that ranks as my 2nd-favorite Bailey moment (behind his Playoffs Pick Six, which Laurie already covered). It was on the national stage, and the Broncos showed up big. Tatum Bell carried Ray Lewis to the end zone. Jake Plummer regained a winning NFL record (amazing since he was 30-52 in his first six years with the Arizona Cardinals).

It was a great game all around, one of my favorite Broncos games I can remember, but Bailey's end zone pick made it a statement win. - Monty

His entire Broncos career

My favorite Champ memory has less to do with a play, but more to do with his dedication to our team. For years after we traded for him, Champ stuck with us through some pretty frustrating seasons.  We were often so close to getting in the playoffs, but just missing. We then had the fiasco McDaniels era that he had to suffer through.  The big thing I remember about Champ was that when Elway came in one of the first things he did was talk to Champ who stuck with us even though he didn't have to.  He could have jumped ship and instead signed a 4 year deal to help turn this organization around. - Sadaraine

What was your favorite Champ Bailey moment? Let us know in the comments.