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Live Blog - Sunday Night Football - Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots

The Bengals are one-point favorites on the road. But will Tom Brady have a bounceback game?

Jamie Sabau

We're all still riding high from the Denver Broncos' 41-20 destruction of the Arizona Cardinals Sunday, but let's see at what the rest of the AFC has to offer. The undefeated Cincinnati Bengals take on the crumbling New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football in a game that has everyone asking:

Is this the beginning of the end for Tom Brady?

The Bengals are one-point favorites, even with the game in Foxboro. With full acknowledgment that Bill Belichick and Brady could right the ship quickly, I don't think they will this week. I think there's blood in the water in New England, and I think the Bengals lay it on the Pats behind that stifling defense and solid play by the offense. Give me Bengals, 33-20.

Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. Mile High time. Throw out your predictions in the comments before we talk about these two AFC rivals.