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Denver Broncos defense went into beast mode, but still overshadowed by offense - Horse Tracks

Justin Edmonds

In what was likely the first "complete game" from the Denver Broncos this year in a 41-20 beat down of the previously undefeated Arizona Cardinals, we finally saw what kind of potential this team has on both offense and defense. I came away quite impressed despite some early frustrations and a few lucky breaks for the Cardinals. Before I get to a few select quotes from last night, let's take a look at some statistics shall we?

I've decided to ignore that 81 yard touchdown pass in the third quarter because it was a fluke and would never happen again if that ball were thrown a 100 more times in the same situation. Also, that was Logan Thomas' only completion. Yes. It was his only completion in eight attempts, so I'm going to take that one chunk out of the equation just for fun.

Cardinals Game Stats (minus a fluke play)

First Downs Third Down Efficiency Total Yards Passing Yards Rushing Yards Punts TOP
8 3/16 - 18% 134 97 37 11 24:43

That's what I would call a complete game from the defense. Sure, it still looks good with that 81 yard fluke play, but it looks even better without it. I prefer better.

The media was understandably all over Peyton Manning and his 500th touchdown pass and also Demaryius Thomas and his beastly performance.Both of which were freaking awesome, but this Horse Tracks will cover the defense a little more since the offense has rightfully gotten all the glory since yesterday.

Terrance Knighton got the first word in on how well the defense played, noting that, "That’s where they make their money. We have so many versatile players, so it’s really pick your own poison. We have to stop the run early and get off the field and allow our offense to get a lead."

Well, they did all of those things and I doubt this defense will be the 31st ranked pass defense come next week, but they will need a few more weeks of this kind of play before a big dent is really made in that area. It's certainly possible if Von Miller plays like he did yesterday though.

He obviously feels good about his play, saying, "It feels good to do my job and take care of business and do what I’m supposed to do. This is why I’m here with the Broncos. It feels good to make plays for my teammates. I’ve got a unique position on the field. If I can get my job done, then everybody’s job on the defense is a whole lot easier. That is the mindset that I go in at the end of the week thinking."

His performance yesterday reminded me so much of how he literally took over a Thursday Night Football game against Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets back in the Tebow Time days. I think those young backups were terrified of him yesterday. I certainly don't blame them for that.

Miller wants to be the best at his position and though I think he already has been and is the best, he thinks its still a goal he must achieve saying, "That was my goal way back when I tore my ACL last year. I made a promise to myself that I’m (going to) grind, I’m (going to) work and I’m going to come back and be the best player on the field. I’m going to be the best player at my position, the best outside linebacker in the game. I’ve got a poster in my locker - it is in a lot of our lockers - it is ‘G.O.A.T.’, the greatest of all time. And I feel like if you’re not going out there with that mindset, then what are you really doing?"

It's hard to believe that Danny Trevathan was the piece of the puzzle missing from this defensive dominance, but his return surely helped in that regard. Once Drew Stanton left the game, the defense really smelled blood in the water and went for it. Trevathan commented on that post-Stanton aggressiveness, saying, "We still worked within our scheme. Our scheme was to get a little bit of pressure on the quarterback and play our defense. The second half, we kind of got after them a little bit more and got a feel for the way their linemen was blocking and all this and that. Our D-Ends, Von and D-Ware and Malik, all of them just went up on them and that’s what they’re here for and that’s what they’re going to continue doing."

I’ve got a poster in my locker - it is in a lot of our lockers - it is 'G.O.A.T.', the greatest of all time. - Von Miller

So how close is this defense to being truly great? Trevathan commented on that too, saying, "We can be great. I believe we’ve reached some peaks today, second half we reached a whole bunch of our peak of it but at the same time we have to put together four quarters. I keep saying that but we keep saying that but we played our ball today and I’m glad with it. I’m going to take the W and move forward."

That is what we call cautious optimism with a mix of humble pie. I love that! These players are hungry and stay hungry even after dominating performances such as yesterdays game. This is truly the definition of a "Super Bowl Victory or Bust" mentality.

DeMarcus Ware felt that the defense has come a long way since Week 1 and is especially happy with the defensive line, noting, "I think there’s always things to work on, but from Week 1, it was a big improvement. And the D-Line came together, I’m talking just defensively, and that we had a lot of big stops."

I wouldn't call this a complete game from the defense. That 81 yard touchdown that I decided to exclude earlier is exactly the kind of fluke play that a great defense will deny 100% of the time, so there is definitely room for improvement. However, we all got to witness the true potential of this defense yesterday. If they can keep grinding and peak around January-February then I will be one happy Broncomaniac.

Okay, enough gushing over the defense for one morning. Let's get to the news!

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