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Broncos vs. Cardinals, 7 questions answered

Hello Broncos Country!

Justin Edmonds

Who will catch Peyton Manning's 500th touchdown pass?

Julius Thomas on an out route. You wouldn't believe how many picked Julius Thomas in our contest, but it was all "slant, post, shovel..." everything but "out." No one guessed it on our MHR thread, a couple of folks said "flat" but a "flat" and and "out" are pretty different.  In the end two facebook posters put the right combination together, and the eventual winner Christopher Shaw was closest to Peyton Manning's final yardage count with a guess of 361 yards. Congratulations to Christopher for winning the art print!

How will the return of Virgil Green affect the offense?

The Broncos played most of the game from their 11 personnel, though there was a concerted effort in the 2nd half especially with only a 4-point lead to kickstart the running game and the offense in general by running more two-TE sets along with using an extra tackle (Cornick) to aid in the running game.

There was an interesting comment during the broadcast that Gase's #1 goal in the offseason was to develop other personnel sets so that if teams shut down the 11 personnel like Seattle did in the Super Bowl, they would have an answer to change it up.

Will the offensive line see some shuffling if the running game continues to struggle?

Remains to be seen. In this game the Broncos as mentioned before decided to use an extra tackle to help out Chris Clark.

How will the return of Danny Trevathan affect the defense?

The run defense played well, then again they have played well all season. Trevathan played a healthy 56 snaps with Brandon Marhshall starting and receiving 38. Overall, Danny led the team in tackles with 6, but it was a mixed bag in coverage where he was targeted four times and gave up 3 receptions for 30 yards and a lot of YAC.  Give him time to get into the mix of things and you would be hard pressed to find a faster linebacking corps sideline to sideline.

How will our secondary match up with the talented Cardinal receiving corps?

Stop, drop, shut e'm down open up shop....Oh no, That's how Ruff Ryders roll.

Can the Broncos pass rush rattle backup Drew Stanton?

The Broncos secondary hit Stanton and sacked him until Von Miller delivered the knock out blow near the end of the 3rd quarter. 10 hits. 3 sacks. This pass rush finally had a stationary target and it locked on like a heat-seeking missile.

Can the kicking game neutralize Ted Ginn Jr.?

Colquitt averaged about 48 yards per kick with only two Ginn returns for a total of 3 yards.  Brandon McManus made sure Ginn had no opportunities on kickoffs with his touchbacks.