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Broncos vs. Cardinals: Vote for the play of the game

Good afternoon Broncos Country!

Doug Pensinger

CH 25 has been disconnected


Coming into the game, Michael Floyd averaged more than 20 yards per catch. In this game he caught 1 ball for 7 yards. Chris Harris Jr. had a step on the receiver and could have intercepted the pass.

Hillman the Hobbit hops through the opening


It's not everyday that a 16-yard scamper makes it into the top plays, but the Broncos haven't pulled off a run like this since Moses wore short pants. The hole was not huge but it was big enough for the smaller back to nudge through.

DT beats Cromartie like he owes him money


Demaryius is deceptively fast. At about the 30 yardline Cromartie has good coverage and DT turns on the extra gear and blows by him. He then has enough speed to outrace the single high safety to the endzone.

Manning hits it big at the Bellagio


I've been screaming for this play for a while now. Peyton actually audibled to this and his phrase was "Bellagio." It is a fake WR screen that is meant to strain the safety over the top between the seam route and the sideline route. Manning has Welker open as well but elects to throw to his big man down the sideline for about a 20 yard gain.

Poppin' the Cherry


Juwan tastes the endzone for the very first time in his career. One thing I noticed was how the playside end just fell like butter off the hips of Thompson. He is a strong runner and should provide another dimension to the Broncos offense with Montee Ball out.

Eatin' Greedy Boogaloo


I have no idea how Von Miller makes it around the edge so quickly, he's not human. His takedown of Stanton also reminds me of a WWE wrestler coming off the ropes with a neck-breaker. Then to top everything off, Von debuts his "Eatin' Greedy Boogaloo" dance.

You can't hurt me


Sanders has about a second to brace for a brick truck. Not only does he hold onto the ball but he adds some swagger to the offense.



Manning become only the 2nd QB in NFL history to connect for 500 TD passes on this play. It is a two man concept to the boundary side of the field. Sanders pulls the outside corner upfield on a go route while JT gets outside leverage on his man to the corner for an easy TD.

Welcome to the NFL


DeMarcus Ware is so anxious to introduce himself to Logan Thomas that he nearly pulls himself offside. In the end, Ware and Miller converge on the rookie quarterback to give him a proper welcome to the league.

What was your play of the game? Please vote below.