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Denver Broncos Week 6 Power Rankings: Around the web

The Denver Broncos are coming off an impressive 41-20 win over the undefeated Arizona Cardinals. Lets see where they rank around the web after their impressive victory.

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Our weekly look around the web for how the Broncos rank in NFL Power Rankings.


(Last week: 3)

Brett Favre's record of 508 touchdown passes is squarely in Peyton Manning's sights (503). Demaryius Thomas' breakout game (career-high 226 receiving yards and no drops) will only help him get there faster.

Thoughts: I can't disagree with this ranking at all. Seattle deserves to be number one, and the Broncos are number 2.

Mile High Report: 2

Record 3-1.
We finally witnessed a complete game from Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos offense, but more important, the Broncos defense came alive after some early miscues. That one 81 yard touchdown in the second half was a fluke completion that would probably never get completed in a 100 more attempts just like it. Outside of that, the defense was dominant holding the Cardinals to just 118 yards passing and 37 yards rushing for the game. In fact, Logan Thomas was 1/8 with that one completion being that fluke 81 yard touchdown pass. Things certainly seem to be coming together for the Broncos. I like that. Plus Von Miller is back, baby!

Thoughts: Timmy hit the nail on the head with this one. Seattle 1, Denver 2, and San Diego 3 is the right answer. 3

(Last week: 5)

That Jack Del Rio defense turned it up a notch Sunday. The Cardinals gained a grand total of 215 yards and couldn't convert a third down most of the day (3-for-16). Does anyone remember when John 3:16 used to be held up at seemingly every football game?

In related news, Peyton Manning just threw his five zillionth touchdown pass.

Thoughts: Once again I disagree with's rankings. They have the flavor of the week(San Diego Chargers) atop this list. Yes they did beat Seattle(It was on the road, and the heat definitely played a factor) but the last two weeks they have played the Jaguars and Jets. Those are teams that they were supposed to beat.

Yes they have looked good, but they shouldn't be one in my opinion.

SB Nation: 2

(Last week: 2)

The Seahawks, Broncos and Chargers appear to be the best teams in the NFL right now, but there may be none rising faster than the Cowboys, Colts and Giants.

Thoughts: Like the others(except SB Nation got it right here.

CBS Sports: 2

(Last week: 4)

That offense got it cranked up like old times against the Cardinals. Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning.

Thoughts: Prisco fixed his mistake from last week and put Denver back where they should be, in second.

Fox Sports: 3

(Last week: 3)

Peyton Manning threw his 500th career touchdown pass, but there was another important storyline in the win. The defense played outstanding. Von Miller led with another dominant performance. Miller racked up three sacks and six pressures bringing his total pressure count up to 20 for the season. The defense forced 10 three-and-outs, and if they keep up that pace, Manning can do the rest.

Thoughts: I don't like their rankings either. San Diego should be 3, Seattle should be 1 and Denver should be 2.

Final Thoughts:

Outside of's and Foxsports rankings I agree with the rest. The top three should go 1. Seattle, 2. Denver and 3. San Diego.

The Broncos average power rankings position is 2.3 That's pretty good!