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Monday Night Football Open Thread - Carolina Panthers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Are you ready for some football?

Bob Levey

Oregon East looks to keep their slim lead over the Cowboys in their division while the Carolina Panthers look to take control of first place in the South with a 4-5-1 record. The south is one of the many reasons why the NFL should look at getting rid of the divisional automatic-bid system because there is a good chance a losing team will end up qualifying for the playoffs.

The Eagles will be starting Mark Sanchez, a few years removed from his greatest contribution to the game--the butt fumble and hot off the heels of an impressive performance a week ago. Perhaps all it takes for a QB to succeed is to get the hell out of New York, amirite?

This game has no bearing on the Broncos chase for the playoffs but it is football and football on any night just about trumps any program that can air.

I've got the Eagles by 10, what's your prediction?

In case you're keeping count, even after throwing 6 TD passes yesterday, Aaron Rodgers (and the rest of the league) are still looking up at Peyton Manning and his 29. So until he becomes the only player to break 50 in consecutive seasons, I don't want to hear any garbage about Rodgers, Roethlisberger, or heaven forbid that imposter Tom Brady getting any noise for the MVP.