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NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

It was a weekend of blowouts with seven teams winning by three scores or more. It was all the top tier teams obliterating the bottom tier teams, though. Very few changes this week at the top and at the bottom because of that.
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Finally, a week in the NFL that makes sense to me. Nearly all of the top tier teams won this week, while nearly all of the bottom tier teams lost. In fact, it was so bad that being on a Bye in the bottom tier meant your team moved up a few spots without even playing!

This truly was a weekend of blowouts, with nine games decided by two scores or more. Seven of those were by three scores or more. Happily, our own Denver Broncos were a part of that blowout mayhem with their dismantling of the winless Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

Check out last week's power rankings and tell me how wrong or stupid I was. A special thanks to the Mile High Report community for helping me ensure only the best GIFs are used up in here.



New England Patriots

Record 7-2. The New England Patriots had a Bye Week and I would prefer not to even waste one more second talking about them.


Denver Broncos

Record 7-2. The Denver Broncos got their mojo back with a dominating performance against the Oakland Raiders. Oh, and did you hear? Demaryius Thomas just passed 1,000 yards receiving for the season. He's got seven more games, people! The coolest part of the win, was C.J. Anderson and his "taking it to the house" skills.


Arizona Cardinals

Record 8-1. The Arizona Cardinals have had just one bad game this year and it was a blowout loss to the Denver Broncos. The interesting thing now is how will the Cardinals respond with Carson Palmer being done for the year with another knee injury? Honestly, I'm not real high on their long term prospects come playoffs time.


Philadelphia Eagles

Record 7-2. Mark Sanchez came out and annihilated the Carolina Panthers in his Philadelphia Eagles debut. In other news, I was up 50 points in my Fantasy Football league last night when this Monday Night Football game started and my opponent only had the Eagles defense/special teams on their team. Yeah. By halftime I would crapping myself up just 15 points, but fortunately, the Panthers had some garbage time production to save me from suffering their fate on that night. Thanks Carolina!


Detroit Lions

Record 7-2. The Detroit Lions are starting to look like maybe they won't be a fluke after all. All this time, I have been waiting for that midseason collapse from Matthew Stafford and that defense. Instead, we are seeing a resilient team that fights for it. This NFC North race is getting very interesting.


Green Bay Packers

Record 6-3. Good Lord. Aaron Rodgers could have had 10 touchdowns in this game had he played all four quarters. I almost wish the Green Bay Packers had let him. The Chicago Bears obviously had no intention of playing on Sunday Night Football, so why not set some unbelievable records for fans to all gush over for a few weeks? Stupid sportsmanship.


Indianapolis Colts

Record 6-3. The Indianapolis Colts had a Bye Week and due all these awesome blowouts, they dropped out of the Top 5. Sorry Colts fans, tell your team to try harder on their week off.


Dallas Cowboys

Record 7-3. Good thing Tony Romo played, because Brandon Weeden did not look like a good backup quarterback option last week. The Dallas Cowboys went into max protection and Romo flung the ball to Dez Bryant all day long. My fantasy team thanks you, Tony. Coincidentally, my fantasy team is also 7-3 on the year.


Seattle Seahawks

Record 6-3. Marshawn Lynch rushed for 140 yards and four touchdowns, Russell Wilson rushed for 107 yards and a touchdown and the backups rushed for another 103 yards. Seriously, how hard is it to put 11 in the box and stop these guys? I don't know about you, but this Seahawks team isn't very impressive on offense or on defense and then I wonder how in the world the New York Giants couldn't freaking stop the run. At all. Then again, the Broncos boast the leagues top rushing defense and the Seahawks still gained 129 yards and a touchdown in their overtime victory over the Broncos in Week 3.


Kansas City Chiefs

Record 6-3. The Kansas City Chiefs had no business winning that game in Buffalo on Sunday. Kyle Orton choked a big one and the Chiefs did little to "finish" this game other than capitalize on a stupid ass quarterback making stupid ass decisions. Thanks for costing me money, jerk. Oh wait, this isn't Buffalo's review ... Good job Chiefs.


Baltimore Ravens

Record 6-4. The reason the Baltimore Ravens are the best team in the AFC North is because of that defense. They may still trail both the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals in record, but I really don't think that will last much longer. This team is just too good.


Cleveland Browns

Record 6-3. Holy Hell, the Cleveland Browns are for real! One ESPN analyst predicted a 1-15 record these Browns, but who could blame him? Brian Hoyer? Really? The AFC North is the NFL's premier division this year and this team now has a chance to show the NFL just how real they are.


San Francisco 49ers

Record 5-4. The San Francisco 49ers won on a garbage 4th down conversion that should have been called a false start due to a lineman NOT EVEN BEING SET when the ball was snapped. Seriously, WHAT. THE. F. Of course, You can't deny how awesome John Harbaugh's reaction was to the hail mary touchdown catch by Jimmy Graham(that was nullified by another bullcrap call).


Miami Dolphins

Record 5-4. The Miami Dolphins lost a close one late on the road. This is what I would call a quality loss for the Dolphins. With the clusterf*** of 5-4 AFC teams, I would put my money on this one to sneak into the playoffs as the 6th seed. Ryan Tannehill is looking like a very Alex Smith-like quarterback and that isn't a bad thing.


Cincinnati Bengals

Record 5-3-1. Well, it looks like Hue Jackson has brought his quarterback destroying abilities to the Cincinnati Bengals with his work on Andy Dalton since coming to town. Good grief, I do not think I've seen a worst quarterback performance than the one Dalton put together on Thursday Night Football.


New Orleans Saints

Record 4-5. Thanks to the greatest flop in NFL history, the New Orleans Saints fall to 4-5 on the season. Drew Brees and the Saints have to pick up the pieces from here and move on, but at least they are still in control of the woeful NFC South. In the NBA, this is a foul.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Record 6-4. Well, the Pittsburgh Steelers I thought existed returned this week by laying a big fat egg against the New York Jets. Ben Roethlisberger played out of his mind for two straight weeks, but finally had the wind taken from his sails as well. This Steelers team is still a .500 team in terms of talent, so further correction should be forthcoming.


Buffalo Bills

Record 5-4. Continued from Kansas City's "analysis": Kyle Orton only had to manage the game to victory. Instead, he managed to throw the victory away with two fourth quarter turnovers that turned the score from 13-3 to 17-13. What a failure, Tim Tebow would have won that shit - yeah, I just went there... At least Fred Jackson returns next week, because the Buffalo Bills need to avoid throwing the ball at all costs.


San Diego Chargers

Record 5-4. It's their Bye Week, but Philip Rivers still sucks and the San Diego Chargers do too.


Houston Texans

Record 4-5. At least we got a week off from J.J. Watt terrorizing the NFL. Unfortunately, he is back this week...


Minnesota Vikings

Record 4-5. I picked up Adrian Peterson off the waiver wires and though I abhor child abuse, I'm also a whore for cash money. Daddy wants a Fantasy Football Championship and a $500 payday! AP! AP! AP! AP! Let him play Roger Goodell; you scumbag hater of all things Minnesota Vikings! And so on...and so on...


Atlanta Falcons

Record 3-6. The Atlanta Falcons almost turned the corner last week, but had their collective hearts ripped out and eaten in front of them at the very end. At 3-6, they are only one game out of first place in their division ... Yeah. I really do hope the Saints get on a winning streak, because the NFC South is embarrassing.


St. Louis Rams

Record 3-6. The St. Louis Rams could not keep pace with a backup quarterback with their own backup quarterback, but somehow they are supposed to give the Denver Broncos some problems next week. I'll believe that shit when I see it and I ain't going to see it. I am sure I'll have to annoyingly sit through 60 minutes of Jeff Fisher's dirty ass players trying to injury the Broncos star players. I really dislike this team.


Washington Redskins

Record 3-6. The Washington Redskins didn't play this week? Didn't even notice.


New York Giants

Record 3-6. The New York Giants gave up an insane 350+ yards rushing against the Seattle Seahawks that included five rushing touchdowns. That is just ridiculous to see in the NFL. Tom Coughlin is now coaching for his job and frankly, I don't like his chances. This team just doesn't have the talent anymore.


Carolina Panthers

Record 3-6-1. Cam Newton is a bust. He and Jay Cutler are battling it out to be called the next Jeff George. The Carolina Panthers are trending down, people. Down. They can't even count on their defense to bail them out anymore. It's U-G-L-Y.


Tennessee Titans

Record 2-7. The Tennessee Titans fanbase has apparently given up completely on their quarterbacks. Last I checked, Jake Locker is 5-3 as a starter for an entire game since the beginning of last season. The injury bug is a concern, but come on people, your team is 4-13 without him. Why don't you draft an offensive line?


Chicago Bears

Record 3-6. Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you the Chicago Bears defensive unit.


New York Jets

Record 2-8. The New York Jets finally doused their own dumpster fire that was their franchise for two months. Michael Vick is now being proclaimed the savior, but that will last about a week as Vick will come back to Earth next week. I still think they are one of the worst rosters in the NFL, so only a minor bump this week.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Record 1-9. The Jacksonville Jaguars are pretty bad. Blake Bortles shows some flashes, but then he is often forcing throws out of desperation of either getting sacked or being down by three touchdowns. This franchise is a mess and would be perfect for London in a more permanent way.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record 1-8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans have resorted to blaming the referees for their problems, but really, leave the refs complaining to contenders. That's when it actually matters. The Buccaneers just are not good enough to matter anymore. Just keep on losing! And yes, the refs suck and are always conspiring against ... THE BRONCOS. Duh, everyone knows this.


Oakland Raiders

Record 0-9. Rest easy, Oakland Raiders fans. You only have one or two more seasons of embarrassing suckitude before you start to turn the corner with Derek Carr and Khalil Mack. Oh wait, your owner still sucks and the coaching staff probably won't make it to the end of that turnaround and you will have to start over again in two years. In that case, LOL.