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Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders - Plays of the game

Who will come out on top this week?

Thearon W. Henderson

CJ Anderson breaks out

Orlando Franklin absolutely blows his block, Manning is under pressure. He dumps it off to CJ Anderson for a short gain right? Wrong. Three broken tackles and a great downfield block by DT later--not to mention impeccable vision and speed by CJ and we have ourselves a touchdown.

Carr checks down to his lineman

So it's come down to this huh Raider Nation? Your rookie QB checks it down illegally to a lineman, who is then stripped by Malik Jackson, and the ball is then picked up by Chris Harris Jr. You don't deserve to play the game of football.

Roby worth his weight in rubies

Carr tries to airmail the ball to his TE, but Roby who has great position leaps up and makes the grab instead. This kick-started the Broncos 14-0 run to end the 2nd quarter.

Ward picks Carr

Carr doesn't see Ward drop into a short zone and delivers the ball with a nice red bow on top. Ward flashes some speed down the sideline, it's too bad he stepped out of bounds.

Julius Thomas channels his inner Gronk

Great design. Julius takes the short "in" while Sanders' corner route "picks" the coverage. All that's left is running people over meathead style on route to the endzone. I like the show of toughness.

Nobody does it better

Nobody throws the sideline go route from 30-40 yards away from the endzone better than Peyton Manning. On this play the Raiders are showing cover 2 but Manning splits the coverage perfectly and Sanders lays out for a beautiful catch and touchdown.

What is your choice for play of the week?