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Denver Broncos Week 11 Power Rankings: Around The Web

Lets see where the Denver Broncos rank around the web after their dominating win over the winless Oakland Raiders this past Sunday.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Our weekly look around the web for how the Broncos rank in NFL Power Rankings.

The Denver Post: 2

(last week: 3)

Demaryius Thomas is on pace for 116 catches, nearly 1,800 yards. C.J. Anderson keyed 35-0 run with spectacular 51-yard catch-and-run to bury the 0-9 Raiders.


Well last week if you would remember, they ranked the Kansas City Chiefs ahead of the Denver Broncos in their power rankings because simply, they beat the Patriots and the Broncos did not.

Well now we're a week later and the Broncos redeemed themselves some by dominating the winless Oakland Raiders, and the Chiefs had an impressive come from behind win on the road against the Buffalo Bills. You would think the Chiefs should stay ahead of the Broncos in this awful scenario, but apparently they thought otherwise.

This week the Broncos move up to second behind the Patriots, and the Chiefs for whatever reason stay in the top three.


(last week: 3)

Peyton Manning's average throw distance nearly doubled during his last five drives Sunday, all ending with a touchdown pass. Manning was 17-of-21 for 171 yards and two touchdowns targeting the Thomases.

Thoughts: ESPN has the Patriots and the Cardinals ahead of Denver. A case could be made for Denver being ahead of Arizona, especially with Carson Palmer out for the year. 3

(last week: 3)

Broncos fans: Were you worried after Justin Tuck batted that ball in the air and caught it? Were you more frightened than Jamie Lee Curtis clutching a wire hangar in a closet when the Raiders were up four in the second quarter? Maybe not. Thirty-five unanswered points later, crisis averted. Helluva effort, C.J.

Thoughts: "Were you more frightened than Jamie Lee Curtis clutching a wire hangar in a closet when the Raiders were up four in the second quarter?"  Yes, yes I was.

The Broncos should be second, there's not much else to say here.

CBS Sports: 3

(last week: 3)

They got the offense back on track against the Raiders, putting up gaudy numbers again. The defense showed much better than at New England the week before.

Thoughts: Prisco has Arizona 1st solely because of their record. I do not agree with that, and would put them 3rd.

Fox Sports: 2

(last week: 3)

The Broncos got back to doing what they do best — rushing the passer on defense and moving the ball through the air on offense. Von Miller was back to his dominant form after a game off and the Broncos found a new weapon on the offense in RB CJ Anderson.

Thoughts: I agree with these rankings the most. Denver should be second, and the Cardinals should drop because of losing Palmer.