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Horse Tracks: Shaun Hill will be the starting quarterback for the Rams this Sunday

Good Morning Broncos Country

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher announced that the team is going to be making a change at Quarterback for this Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos. The team is going to bench quarterback Austin Davis for veteran quarterback Shaun Hill.

Shaun Hill was initially the starter after starting Quarterback Sam Bradford went down with a season ending injury during the preseason. However Hill didn't make it through week one of season. Austin Davis has started since then, but wanted to go with an experienced quarterback going forward.

"It's never an easy decision when you make a change in the middle part of the season," Fisher said after Wednesday's practice. "But we looked at things Monday night in lengthy discussions with the offensive staff and just felt that the best thing to do at this point moving forward was to lean on the experienced quarterback."

So what can the Denver Broncos defense expect to see from Hill this Sunday? Well Hill has a career passing percentage of 62%, and has 41 touchdowns to 24 interceptions. He's also started 27 career games at quarterback and has a 13-14 record during that span.

So Hill has shown that he can be an average Quarterback at times when called on, so the Broncos defense cannot overlook the veteran quarterback.

DeMarcus Ware comments on the cold weather:

DeMarcus Ware has grown custom to the mild Dallas Texas weather, but this week it has down right cold in Denver.

"Gotta little chill, feel it in my teeth!"

Horse Tracks: