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Broncos fantasy football focus: Daily fantasy in Week 11

How to build a FanDuel team around Peyton Manning, round two.

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After the success of last week's FanDuel-related post, we're going to be sticking with a daily fantasy post this week again, and tell you how you can draft the best possible Broncos-filled team. First off, if you didn't check out last week's post, it can be found here, although it won't be much help other than to get an understanding of what we'll be talking about in this post. Last week's fantasy teams actually would have done quite well on FanDuel, with final scores of 129.4, 109.3, 129.8, and 91.9 points. Okay, so the last one was a dud, mainly on the backs of a 3.2 point running back performance between Hillman and Blount, but this week we'll do better. If you're new to this post and you didn't make the effort to click on the link above, the point of this post is to set you up with the best possible FanDuel lineups that involve Broncos players.

Team 1: Peyton Manning

Of course you've got to go with Peyton Manning first; the best quarterback in the league fantasy-wise is headed to St. Louis to play the 10th-worst defense against quarterbacks. After seeing what Manning did against the Raiders last week, it's hard to argue against picking him, even though he's the most expensive FanDuel quarterback of the week at $10,400, leaving you with $6200 per remaining player.

Addressing the running back situation first, it's hard to not draft either Mark Ingram or LeSean McCoy; both are sitting right around $8000 and have nice match-ups in the upcoming week, against Cincinnati and Green Bay respectively. For the sake of our current lineup, we'll go with McCoy ($7700), who is the cheaper of the two. To round out the running back position, Ryan Mathews ($6200) is quite the steal, with a match-up against the Raiders on the horizon.

As far as a number one receiver goes, Odell Beckham Jr. has a really nice price-tag of $7400 attached to him. Beckham Jr. will no doubt attract more attention in San Francisco this week, but he proved that he can ball out against Richard Sherman and the Seahawks secondary last weekend, so the 49ers secondary should have their hands full with the rookie receiver. After those three selections, your team salary cap will be at $28,300, with $5650 to spend on each player to fill out the remainder of the roster.

A second receiver who continues to be under-valued is in the same game on Sunday, but on the opposite team. Anquan Boldin is averaging 11.9 fantasy points per game this season, and sits at $6900 for this week's game against the Giants. To round out the receiving corps of your team, have a look at Jordan Matthews, the rookie receiver in Philly, who's averaged 10.5 points per game this season, and still is just $5500 this week. Matthews has a tough match-up against the Packers this week, but he's seemed to be Mark Sanchez's favorite target since the quarterback took over for Nick Foles, so Matthews should still be able to put up a solid amount of points on pure work-load alone.

A cheap defense will open up spending in other areas, and the Minnesota Vikings ($4900) fit the bill, with a match-up against turnover-happy Jay Cutler in Week Eleven. With just two positions left to fill, you've got an average of $5500 per player to spend, and not a single kicker is valued over $5300.

We hit gold with a cheap kicker (Matt Bryant) last week, so it's worth another shot this week; Nick Novak of the Chargers is worth pocket change at $4500, leaving you with a solid chunk of money ($6500) to fill the tight end position. Travis Kelce is just $5900 this week with Seattle coming to town. The Seahawks have been one of the worst teams in the league at defending tight ends, and Kelce is averaging 9.4 points per game- it's a match made in fantasy heaven (well, sort of).

This team comes up $600 under the budget, which means if you'd really like to, you can upgrade one of your other picks. If you're to do so, an upgrade from Anquan Boldin to Mike Evans ($7500) would be my advice.


Team 2: Peyton + Demaryius

Starting with a combo of Manning ($10,400) and Thomas ($9100), the most expensive players at their respective positions, really limits your spending on the rest of the team, but it's still quite do-able.

First, we'll take a backwards approach with this one, picking a defense and kicker first, giving you a better idea of how much money you've got to spend on the rest of your players. We'll go with another relatively-cheap kicker again, with Shayne Graham of the Saints costing $4700, and counter that with another cheap defense, the Green Bay Packers ($4800), who have the opportunity to have a big game if they can bring back the old Mark Sanchez. After buying both of these players/units, we've got $6200 to spend (on average) on the rest of the team.

Rashad Jennings ($6600) is expected to have a large work-load in New York upon his return, and should factor heavily into the game against the 49ers. Jennings was averaging 13.2 fantasy points per game until his earlier injury, and probably won't be this cheap for the remainder of the season. To round out your running back duo, Ahmad Bradshaw ($7500) should do the trick, with few running back bargains this week, and a juicy match-up against the Patriots (5th-worst vs. RBs in 2014) in Week Eleven. With two wide receivers and one tight end to draft, you'll have $5633 to spend per player.

James Jones of the Oakland Raiders has been the garbage-time fantasy points king of 2014, and is only $5300 with a game against a Chargers secondary that is still not completely healthy. Jones is a cheap option that expands your possibilities for your other two picks. Jared Cook is a nice find at tight end this week, facing Denver's defense, who has had a hard time covering tight ends. Cook, as he has been most of the season, is priced at a bargain, ringing in at just $5400, leaving you with $6200 to fill the final receiver slot.

It sure would be nice if the above line-up was just $100 cheaper, which would allow player like John Brown, Michael Crabtree, and Andre Johnson to be selected; however, your best bet with the remaining $6200 is to take the always-frustrating Cordarrelle Patterson ($6000), based simply on his high upside compared to similarly-priced players. Patterson could very well be a dud, but he's always a threat to have a massive week.


Team 3: Peyton + Demaryius + Sanders

So, it's about to get a little tricky; these are the sort of teams that you need to get lucky with and find those sleepers who will carry you over the top.

The first of those so-called sleepers, you ask? Minnesota Vikings running back, Jerrick McKinnon. Matt Asiata has a pretty penny on him this week after his three touchdown performance in the Vikings' last game, but McKinnon remains the more versatile back, and likely the back who will see more touches. McKinnon will miss out on red-zone carries from Asiata, but has the potential to bust open the field for a longer touchdown run. He's not the most attractive option, but McKinnon's price of $5500 is going to have work for your team of Broncos players.

Darren Sproles can round out the running back position nicely, although he'll cost you more than McKinnon ($6100). As mentioned above, there's simply not many cheap running back options with a lot of value in this week's FanDuel rankings, meaning you'll have to find more of your steals at wide receiver. Sproles has a nice match-up against the Packers, who are allowing 19.8 fantasy points to running backs per week. After your running back position is filled with these two players, you'll have $5075 to spend on each of your remaining players.

None of the more expensive defenses merit the extra spending money, so the Vikings ($4900) will do again here, as will a cheap kicker like Shaun Suisham ($4800) of the Pittsburgh Steelers, leaving you with an average of $5300 to spend on a tight end and receiver.

Jordan Reed is cheap ($5200) this week, and not going up against an overly-strong defense (Tampa Bay). Reed hasn't had any huge games quite yet, and could be a safety-net for Griffin in a game where he should receive a lot of pass-rushing pressure. The remaining $5400 can be spent entirely on Stevie Johnson of the San Francisco 49ers to round out your receiving group. Johnson was a dud last week in this post, but I've got confidence in him to return to form this week against the Giants; besides, he doesn't have to be a monstrous fantasy player, especially when you've got Thomas and Sanders already.


Team 4: Everyone except Manning

Last week, our fourth team consisted of Manning, Demaryius, Julius, and Hillman, reaching our four Broncos player limit. This week, we'll take Manning out of the equation, and roll with four other Broncos: Emmanuel Sanders, Julius Thomas, CJ Anderson, and the Broncos defense. This core of your team is actually quite cheap to assemble, compared to our core last week, with this one ringing in at just $32,200, allowing $6440 to be spent on remaining players.

A quarterback is the first matter of business to be taken care of, with a couple of options in the range of $7000 likely being your best bet. The first of these options is Colin Kaepernick ($7400), who has average 17.3 fantasy points per game this season and has the Giants on deck, who have been the 5th-worst defense against quarterbacks in fantasy this season. A more risky (but more frugal) option is Josh McCown, who's coming off a very nice performance in his first week back in action, and will be headed to Washington to play a team who's just one slot above the Giants in fantasy points allowed per game against opposing quarterbacks. For the sake of being thrifty, we'll take McCown.

A running back on the opposite sideline of that Tampa Bay @ Washington game is a nice option to fill the second running back hole- this un-named running back is otherwise known as Alfred Morris, and will only cost you $7300 this week on FanDuel.

For the sake of spending money (it's all about the money), we'll take the cheapest kicker with a decent outlook that we can find; Blair Walsh falls under that distinction, with a $4500 price-tag in a game where he should see quite a few opportunities. After Morris and Walsh, you'll be looking at an average of $6700 to round out your receivers.

Kelvin Benjamin remains a cheap option in daily fantasy, despite the fact that he is averaging double-digit points in double-digit games. Benjamin will cost you just $6600, leaving you with $6800 to spend on your final receiver. Playing for the opposing team, Roddy White is a very nice choice with the $6800, facing a team (Carolina) which has struggled to stop receivers in fantasy all season long. Another two receiver combo with the remaining $13,400 would be Julian Edelman ($6900) and John Brown ($6300); Edelman has a decent match-up against the Colts, in what could turn into a shootout, while Brown has been Drew Stanton's favorite target all year long.


Well, there you have it, a second edition of FanDuel daily fantasy advice. Let us know in the comments below if you have success with these teams, or let us know how you'd change them around!

Editor's Note: FanDuel is hosting a one-week $500,000 fantasy football league this weekend. It's $10 to join and first place wins $40,000. League starts Sunday 1 PM ET and ends on Monday night. Here's the link.