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John Fox strikes again

The Broncos head into halftime with a 13-7 deficit after an absolutely atrocious half of offensive football and coverage breakdowns in the secondary.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

But perhaps the most mind-numbingly poor usage of time and misunderstanding of situational football once again reared it's head at the end of the half when John Fox decided to be John Fox.

The Rams offense was at it's own 30 with two minutes left in the half when Malik Jackson blew up a screen on 1st down to set up 2nd and 10. With three timeouts remaining, Fox decided to let the clock run on 2nd down which set up a 3rd and 4 and exactly 31 seconds left.

When the Broncos forced a stop on 3rd down, John Fox THEN decided it was the right time to call a timeout with all of 23 seconds remaining in the half.

After a nice punt to the Denver 17, Manning and the offense rolled up to the line and you guessed it....took a knee.

Good clock management?


Understanding of situational football?


St. Louis is far from a juggernaut on defense. A blown coverage allowed the Broncos to score deep from about midfield.

The fact that Fox failed to call a timeout on 2nd down and then called one on 3rd down means at best that he is indecisive. He blew a golden opportunity at another scoring drive knowing his team would get the ball to receive the 2nd half.

If you think I'm a John Fox hater, which I've been accused of (and rightfully so--I cannot stand his brand of conservative coaching) then perhaps you'll listen to Peyton Manning who was fuming mad about the misuse of time before the end of the half.

He's mad because he understands football folks....too bad for the rest of us Mr. Magoo is running the team.

Hopefully the Broncos can pull out a victory despite John Fox's feeble efforts.