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Live Blog: Denver Broncos at St. Louis Rams - Second Half

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Well that sucked. The Denver Broncos came out flat and stayed flat until the final minutes of the second quarter to close the gap between them and the St. Louis Rams to 13-7. As for the final minute of the first half, I'm still wondering what goes through the minds of the Broncos coaching staff when they murder clock management like they do.

I'm glad we risked a fumble on fielding that punt before running the clock out to end the half. Very good use of ALL THREE OF YOUR TIME OUTS, John Fox. Sheesh!

Thank God for Peyton Manning and I wish he was making more of the decisions out there when it comes to play calling and time management, because my faith is shot otherwise. Anyway, I still think the Broncos overcome their limited coaching staff to win this game somehow.

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