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Horse Tracks: Are the Denver Broncos still a championship contender?

There is no question the Denver Broncos have the talent, but can that talent overcome the obvious flaws in how this team is coached during the game and maybe even during the week of preparation? I am hesitant to say yes, but the talent is just too good not to believe this team is still a true contender in 2014.
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In what can only be called the worst defeat of the Denver Broncos since the Super Bowl, the 22-7 road loss to the St. Louis Rams certainly has Broncos Country scratching their collective heads as both the fans and the team look to move forward from that disaster.

I say move forward, because it is plainly evident to me that the Broncos coaching staff isn't going to learn from their mistakes. I've always liked John Fox and have been a defender of his in the past, but at some point I'd like to see someone other than the quarterback take responsibility for poor performances. Coaching matters in the NFL and its about time the Broncos coaches take responsibility for these deficiencies.

The first question was asking what the difference was in today's game. Was it play calling? Was it clock management? Was it poor situational coaching? Naw....

"They practice to get paid too and that is a good football team. The last time they were here they beat the defending world champions, Seattle. They also went out to San Francisco and beat them," Fox said as he deflected any blame from his feet yet again, "This is the NFL and they played better than we did. Minus two as I mentioned before is a reason you can write. Our effectiveness on third down is a reason that you can write. I thought those were more factors than where we kicked or didn’t kick."

Ah yes, the old "players didn't execute" excuses. Blame Peyton Manning for throwing interceptions, but not the coaches for wrecking the offensive line cohesion that is charged with giving him a pocket to throw from. Blame the offense for not converting on third downs. But never, ever, blame the coaching decisions when it comes to going for it on fourth down or giving your kicker a chance to kick every now and then.

But wait, there's more! So what about that offensive line we all know is now a disaster? Is it a concern? Nope!

"In a lot of games when you get one dimensional it is not a fun day at the office when you play up front," deflected Fox, "But give them a little more credit than other concerns."

Oh yeah, let's blame all the throwing Peyton Manning did. Let's not wonder if maybe benching Chris Clark was a mistake and getting him back into the lineup. As bad as some felt he was, those issues are nothing close to the catastrophe the Broncos now have all along the offensive line.

It feels like I am now ranting at John Fox, but I cannot help avoid the frustration I feel towards him and his staff with the head-scratching calls they make in-game. None was a bigger head-scratcher than the fiasco that ended the first half against the St. Louis Rams. Fox decided not to use a timeout until it was fourth down with a mere 20 seconds left in the half. Why? Does he answer that? Nope!

"We contemplated it from both sides. We would get the ball at the start of the third quarter," Fox explained, "I have been on both sides of that, but it worked out fine for what we were trying to get accomplished. I have been on both sides, if you get too cute the other team can go down and score."

For once, I agree with Fox here. Calling a needless timeout to field a needless punt for a needless kneel down to end the half is not cute. It's stupid. Yes, that entire sequence was stupid and only compounded the frustration of the game from the fans perspective and at some point the buck needs to stop somewhere other than players "lack of execution".

Peyton Manning, on the other hand, did not agree at all with Fox not wanting to "get cute". Multiple reports have him visibly pissed off over how the clock was managed to close out the first half.

Is there even an concern from the coaching staff about this team getting blown out two of the last three games?

"It is a loss, how you react to it will be important," Fox said, "I think that we have character in that room that we will respond fine. I can’t predict the future, but I still like our chances as a football team. This is obviously a set back."

Thank you! Finally, an admission of sorts. Yes, this game was a set back. Now what are you going to do about it, John Fox?

Interesting Tidbits

If I seemed overly angry when criticizing Fox, then I was probably letting my emotions get the better of me. Frustration can be a very difficult thing to control at times. That said, there were definitely some positives from Sunday's game and I wanted to go over some of the good ones here after such a "negative" start to this day's Horse Tracks.

First up, Von Miller notched his tenth sack of the season which puts him a tie for third place in Denver Broncos history for most 10+ sack seasons with three. Simon Fletcher has the record with five seasons and Paul Smith has four season with ten or more sacks in a season. It won't be very long at all before Von owns this one.

Next up, Demaryius Thomas extends his consecutive 100 yard game streak to seven games. That puts him in a four-way tie for second place in NFL history with Michael Irvin, Bill Groman and Charley Hennigan. One more would put him in a tie for first place all-time with Calvin Johnson. Yes. That is elite company right there. Thomas now has 72 catches for 1105 yards on the year with six games to go in the regular season. Not bad, Demaryius.

And now probably the most interesting player-related tidbit to me involves Brandon Marshall. In the last 8 days, Marshall has notched an incredible 28 tackles in two games. That's just disgusting. Danny Trevathan better start studying the middle linebacker positions, because I think that might be the only way he gets back onto the field this season.

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