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Join the Mile High Report FanDuel League for Week 12

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You may have noticed: the Mile High Report staff are big into fantasy football. You may have seen evidence of MHR's own Laurie dominating the MHR Staff FF League on Twitter, which is just more evidence that she's better than us at everything.

We talk about fantasy football every week, and lately Jacob's been talking about FanDuel weekly fantasy football formats. Now we'd like to open up a weekly FanDuel league specifically for MHR users.

You can click here to join the Mile High Report FanDuel league this week.

It's a Mile High Report league, so if you have a FD user name feel free to post it in the comments below so we know who you are. This week's game is $5 to enter. There are $250 in winnings.

Once you've entered, you're given a $60,000 salary cap to fill out your team. Peyton Manning is often the most expensive player any given week, but with his recent struggles you can see Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck both ranked ahead of him. Manning will still cost you a pretty penny; you need to find a few of the Jonas Grays of the world where they're a little cheaper but still offer high upside. Gray was a cheap running back last week who ran four 200 yards and four touchdowns.

There are only 55 spots in the Mile High Report league, and we expect to fill it up, so jump in if you want to play.