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Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins: TV Broadcast Map (NFL Week 12, CBS)

Courtesy of here's a broadcast map for the Broncos/Dolphins Week 12 game. If you're in the RED you'll get the game on your local CBS channel. Kickoff is 2:25PM MT.

There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

After three road games in a row the Denver Broncos triumphantly return home to Mile High Stadium for a Sunday afternoon game against the flailing Miami Dolphins. Or something like that . . .

If you're in the RED (or live in Alaska or Hawaii) you'll get the Broncos/Dolphins game on your local CBS station this Sunday afternoon. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are the commentators for the game.

If you're in the BLUE you'll get the Washington @ San Francisco game. If you're in the GREY the NFL has no love for you and is blocking you out.

What's going to happen on Sunday?

The Denver Broncos are officially an enigma in my book. Are they the best team ever or the biggest disappointment ever? The truth will be somewhere in the middle, and it has become nearly impossible to predict how the Broncos are going to perform week to week.

I wish the Broncos were unpredictable in a "beware the crafty Broncos" way. However, the reality is that the Broncos are unpredictable in a "WTF is going on with this team" kind of way.

Who is going to play on the offensive line? Will they run it more than 10 times? Will Manning be able to handle being pressured? Will McManus actually get to attempt a long field goal? Will the defense play lights out this game like they have in the past? What on Earth is going on with Virgil Green's calf/knee/calf injury? And how is Green's absence seemingly equivalent to a big pile of cryptonite for the Broncos? Because it appears the only team we can beat without Green on the field is the Raiders. And that's just weird.

There's nothing but questions, questions, and more questions for Broncos fans going into what is close to a must-win game. If the Broncos lose this game you can count on a disaster movie poll in this post next week. Right now it appears that a giant asteroid is heading towards Broncos Country (it may or may not have Foxy's face on it) but there is still time to right the ship.

Nothing could help Broncos fans get out of their funk better than the Oakland Raiders beating the Kansas City Chiefs tonight. Yes, I know that's unlikely but there's always this useless stat.

I'm hoping to see four things from the Broncos this Sunday: great execution, no sense of panic (fans can totally panic enough for everyone), killer extinct-never say die effort, and the ability to adapt when things are not working out as initially planned. A girl can dream and I know the Broncos have it in them.

And if you're looking for another useless stat to get you through the next few days with a positive attitude I'll give you this one: the Broncos are 1-0 (2-0 is you want to count the Seahawks preseason game) when the Denver Broncos Junior Cheerleaders perform during the game. And they are performing this Sunday. See, it's going to be totally fine.

The Denver Broncos are 5-11-1 all-time against the Miami Dolphins. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:25PM MT.