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Chiefs lose to Oakland, AFC West implications

Every time I start thinking nice thoughts about the Chiefs they go and Schottenheimer all over themselves....

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I would point and laugh, but this is the same guy that predicted a 34-0 victory over the Rams. Broncos and their fans have no room to point right now (well ok, go ahead just a little bit). We can however take a look at the AFC West and see what future implications this loss may have.

Current Standings:

Broncos, 7-3, 3-0 AFC West, 5-1 conference

Chiefs, 7-4, 1-2 AFC West, 5-3 conference

Chargers, 6-4, 2-2 AFC West, 5-3 conference

Raiders, 1-10 (the rest doesn't matter)

As you can see, the Broncos are starting to separate themselves from the pack with a perfect divisional record and a two game lead in conference standings. Going even further, the Broncos have beaten each AFC West foe at least once this season. That means that any head to head tiebreakers will go out the window.  If the Broncos ended up in a tie with another AFC West foe at the end of the season, the tiebreaker would go to division record. The tiebreaker after that is record in common games which the Broncos are currently losing with the Chiefs after losses to Seattle, New England, and St. Louis (all teams the Chiefs beat). After that you would see the conference tiebreaker come into play (highly unlikely).

If the Broncos could manage back to back wins against Miami and Kansas City, they would hold a two-game edge with four to play PLUS head to head tiebreakers over the Chiefs and at least the divisional tie breaker over the Chargers.

Miami is going to give the Broncos all they can handle, and Arrowhead will be a hornets nest by the time that epic battle plays out.

Denver will have to play it's best football of the season to earn victories the next couple of weeks, but if they can right the ship, the AFC West will be for the taking and along with it a likely 1st round playoff bye.

Don't mess this up Broncos, get the job done!

And to Raiders fans everywhere, please don't riot.