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Horse Tracks - Broncos vs. Dolphins 3 bold predictions

Welcome to gameday Broncos Country!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

1) This will be an ugly game

As I type this I can hear the wind howling outside my of my house. Come game time, there have been reports that wind gusts can exceed 30-40 miles per hour. If that's the case expect a grind-em out low scoring game from both teams.

2) Jack Del Rio's efforts will go for naught

Sometimes things get desperate and sometimes the desperate do stupid things. This past week Jack Del Rio showed his defense footage of great white sharks attacking and devouring seals as a means of getting them to create more turnovers. Call me crazy but I might have taken that time and actually put them through drills where they could practice prying the ball away.

3) The Broncos will lose

We got the same ol' same ol' out of Dove Valley this week. Have to coach better, have to play better have to execute.Three Time Super Bowl winning guard Mark Schlereth called out the Broncos OL and got blown off for his efforts. The OL is the issue. If that does not get fixed, the Broncos go nowhere. Manning doss not have the physical capabilities to elude the rush, scramble, and throw on the run with any sort of accuracy or consistency.

That's besides the point. You don't get that there's a sense of urgency among the players and coaches to fix what is ailing the team. You don't get the idea that they are truly dedicated to fixing things because that would take a monumental effort to look within.

My Prediction? Dolphins 23, Broncos 20

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