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It's Rally Cap time, Broncos Country!

Whatever frustration you've had building up over the last few weeks needs to stop today - at least for a few hours. The Broncos need their fans, and they need us to be behind them 100 percent.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

C'mon, Broncos Country, it's rally cap time.

Whatever complaining, critiquing and bitching we've done for the last 6 days needs to be put on hold for four hours today while we cheer on our favorite team.

And I mean CHEER!

Here, this one always helps:

Terrance Knighton sack AND dance of Tom Brady

We're mad. We're confused. We don't know why this team isn't playing up to serious potential.

But everything we're feeling, they're feeling too.

Everything we see, the coaches see too.

We have to believe they are doing what they can to fix it.

We have to believe in our team.

When I was in fifth grade, I deeply despised one of my teachers. Mrs. Osborne was mean, she smoked like a chimney that gave me a headache, and she snarled. I would complain about her every day, and what started as a few complaints grew to an obsession. So my mother stepped in.

Except, she didn't go to the teacher and ask the teacher to be better (which is what I was hoping at the time!) She made me come home every day and say something nice about the teacher, even if it was just that she had nice shoes. And for a week or two, that's definitely all it was.

But my mom is a genius. Because then it was that my teacher said something funny. And then it was that I liked the assignment. And then it was that she had a great idea.  And then ...

You know where I'm going with this, right?

I was an NCAA athlete; I've been a high-level coach; now I'm a mom. All three - especially the last one - make me exceptionally qualified to speak on the proof of positive thinking, even cheerleading. (and if that's not enough, my sister is a sports psychology consultant, and she says it's true, too!)

The Broncos aren't going to play better because we're mad. They'll play better because they're mad. And it will help if they know we're supporting them as they work through it.

Our Broncos are not playing well.

Peyton Manning has been off the last two weeks.

The offensive line is struggling.

The defense is not dominating as much as we expected.

Special teams isn't very special.

Coaching seems suspect in many cases.

We have a lot to complain about, don't we? But we don't have the power to change those. It's good to air our feelings and banter around ideas for fixing. It helps us cope with what has been a letdown from our expectations (which started back in February).

But if we keep complaining, our negative thoughts will become dominant. And then they'll fester. And then we'll become bitter and be unable to see beyond the bad.

And then my mom is going to have to step in.

The Broncos aren't going to play better because we're mad. They'll play better because they're mad. And it will help if they know fans are supporting them to work through it.

Teams far worse than ours, with far less talent, have overcome the odds, won big games, have made it to the playoffs and have even won the Super Bowl.

Let's think positive for a moment, shall we?

Our record is 7-3 and we lead the AFC West.

Our quarterback is still one of the best ever, throwing 30 touchdowns already this year.

We have multiple wide receivers who are catching 100+ yards a game.

We have running backs who are proving they can actually run the ball.

Believe it or not, we have an offensive line that can work.

We have guys who can maul a quarterback when unleashed.

We have cornerbacks who like to take the ball away.

(I know you want to jump in with the "but our coaches..." Don't do it. Not today.)

Also, we could be the Raiders.

Complaining is not going to make our team play better.

But I guarantee, losing faith in them will contribute to them playing much worse.

The Broncos need us today, perhaps more than most game days.

Miami is no slouch of a team, and Mile High needs to be 110 percent behind its Broncos.

And just in case my pep talk didn't work, I've compiled a few classics  to get you in the right state of mind.

Oh, and by the way, Mrs. Osborne became my favorite fifth-grade teacher.

Let's go Broncos!