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Demaryius Thomas, Manny Ramirez react to Broncos' missed field goal

Broncos kicker Brandon McManus won't be happy seeing this.

SB Nation

It appears the Brandon McManus experiment is nearing its unfortunate conclusion. When you're evoking this sort of reaction from teammates Manny Ramirez and Demaryius Thomas, things aren't going well.

Still, there's something about teammates reacting this way that sends shivers down my spine. Be professionals. Support each other. I know it's a heat-of-the-moment thing, but you have to stand next to this guy in the locker room later that day. And Monday. And Wednesday. He's going to see this clip, and he's going to know you were pissed off.


The miss, plus these reactions, beg the questions: is McManus done in Denver? The Broncos had every reason to be confident in Brandon McManus. He had an impeccable training camp and preseason. He had a big leg. All the rookie needed was in-game confidence.

After several misses this season, none more discouraging than that 33-yarder, McManus' confidence appears to be lost.

What was your take on Ramirez's and Thomas' reactions?

Gracias, SB Nation.