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Broncos vs Chiefs: The first-ever Chiefs home game

Instead of revisiting the Best and Worst (we already did that), we take a look at the first time the Broncos and Chiefs (then the Texans) met on the Chiefs' home field.

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Since this is the second go-around versus the Chiefs, rather than holding out another "best" and "worst" game for your consideration, I thought I would take us all on a trip down memory lane to the first time the Broncos and Chiefs met on the Chiefs' home field.

This journey takes us all the way back to Sunday, November 13, 1960 in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. The Chiefs were known, at this time, as the Dallas Texans. Both teams entered the game with a 4-4 record. The winner would take control of second place in the AFL's Western Division. Twenty-one thousand people had gathered on a cool (68 degrees), windy afternoon to watch these two teams play.

The Broncos won the toss. That first drive stalled out and after a Dallas punt, Denver drove 46 yards in 11 plays to score when "Rolle leans at stack at right guard, crawls over for the score." The Broncos took a first quarter lead of 7-0. That is where the first quarter ended, despite Denver quarterback Frank Tripucka throwing an interception.

Early in the second quarter Tripucka was intercepted a second time - this one was returned 35 yards for a Dallas touchdown. A fake punt attempt by the Broncos failed and led to a Texans' field goal. A Denver punt was followed by a Dallas touchdown drive and the Broncos found themselves trailing 17-7 at the half.

Dallas had the ball to open the third quarter but their drive ended in a missed field goal. The Broncos' subsequent drive was cut short by Tripucka's third interception of the game. Two plays later, Denver forced a fumble but squandered their opportunity when Tripucka was intercepted for the fourth time. Both offenses stalled out and were not able to accomplish much of anything for the rest of the quarter.

The Texans were able to complete a drive for a touchdown early in the fourth quarter to take a 24-7 lead. A Denver punt was followed by another field goal drive by Dallas. Another Broncos punt was followed by a Texans touchdown drive to give Dallas a 34-7 lead. That is where the game finished.

The Broncos didn't beat the Chiefs franchise on their turf until October 6, 1974.

The Texans (Chiefs) won 34-7 in their first-ever home game against the Broncos, a sign of things to come: The Broncos didn't beat the Chiefs franchise on their turf until October 6, 1974, 14 years later.

In recent years, the Broncos have struggled when playing the Chiefs in Kansas City in November and December. This upcoming game should be no different. Look for a low-scoring game whose outcome will most likely come down to the last possession of the game.

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