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NFL 2014 season: 13 thoughts from the Water Cooler Quarterbacks

Some more thoughts to take us into Week 13.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps this week's article should have been titled "Thoughts from a Water Cooler Quarterback." Singular. It's really because this is my district's Thanksgiving holiday break, and I haven't seen any of the other members of the Water Cooler Quarterbacks since last Friday.

So you're getting just me this time and I thought I'd share 13 things that Broncos fans can be thankful for as we head into Week 13.

1 - The number of times the Broncos have lost in Week 13 in the last five seasons.

2 - The Broncos' offensive rank in yards amassed (they are #1 in touchdowns).

3 - The number of consecutive AFC West titles won by the Broncos.

4 - The number of combined touchdowns scored by Ronnie Hillman (3 rushing, 1 receiving), a career high.

5 - The number of consecutive wins over the Chiefs.

6 - The number of receivers with at least 100 yards (Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders each have over 1000 yards).

7 - John Elway . . . Need any more be said? I think not.

8 - The number worn by former Broncos' quarterback and offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak.

9 - The number of field goals the Broncos have made this year.

10 - The number of sacks recorded by Von Miller so far this season.

11 - As in 2011, the last time the Chiefs beat the Broncos.

12 - The number of wins the Broncos have posted in November with John Fox as the head coach.

13 - The number of passes defensed by Chris Harris Jr so far this season.

There you have it. 13 things we can celebrate as Broncos fans as we await the upcoming dismantlement of the Kansas City Chiefs.