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Create-A-Caption: Connor Barth returns to his old stomping (kicking) ground

Create a caption for this picture and win a prize! Think witty, hilarious, and clever - and remember to keep it clean. Give us your best caption in the comments.

Connor Barth with the Chiefs in 2009.
Connor Barth with the Chiefs in 2009.
Julie Scheidegger-USA TODAY Sports

It's not Thursday but it's time for a throwback photo. Back to when the Broncos new kicker wore #5.

Fun fact - the Broncos new kicker Connor Barth used to kick for the Kansas City Chiefs. They waived him in 2009. And where are the Broncos playing this Sunday night again? Oh that's right . . . Arrowhead. Feel free to get back at your former employers Barth as long as that means lots of touchbacks, PATs, and field goals!

What is the MHR Create-a-Caption contest you ask? Every week MHR will give you a photo and we're looking to you to create the funniest, wittiest, most hysterically awesome caption for it.

One winner every week will get two GrOpeners - one orange and one blue! What is a GrOpener, you ask? Check it out below:

The winner of the Create-a-Caption contest will be announced next week. Good luck! Your wittiest, most clever captions in the comments.

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"Where's my helmet. This is bull%^$"